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    Are hand-held devices, texting...taking away business?

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      Hello. I have a Web site and sell jewelry. Once or twice a month, I send out an Web site email to my valued clients and mailing list members with significant news. I can see when people read the emails and I will get several responses back like from Blackberry users, especially. They will shoot a line or two back real quick to say: "Oh, I got your email and I will check out your site, later tonight", or "Hey! Congrat's on that photo shoot spread, I will check it out later over the weekend when I come back home"!, etc. Of course, you know most never do.

      It seems to me, that hand-held devices may be taking away business? There was a time when Web sites were basically stationed on your computer and people surfed the Internet at home or business. Now, people are going cell phone crazy and text crazy and I worry that people aren't going on the Internet anymore. The reason for many Web sites is to have a business....and mailing lists are to send out the emails for your business....but if people are intercepting the emails on their cell phones during the day when commuting, not at's a struggle and it doesn't seem effective anymore? Does anyone else feel this way or see where I am going with this thought?
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          IAmSpartacus Adventurer
          I can see why you might be concerned about this, but I wouldn't worry about it at the moment. In fact, I'd be encouraged that you are receiving those emails from your mobile users - they're better than op-outs!!

          The reason I wouldn't worry is that very few people use their mobile devices exclusively for email, meaning they will also have Outlook or some other client as a permanent repository for their email. Personally, I use my Blackberry to make sure that I don't miss important emails and can respond only when I absolutely must. Otherwise, my laptop is the central repository and workhorse where I categorize my emails and perform follow up. I suspect that is still that case for your subscribers.

          In summary, I'd say they are "monitoring" their emails more than they are "intercepting".
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              Thanks, IAmSparticus! You put a positive spin on it that is reassuring. We live in such an instant society and everyone wants things quickly. And, yes...those "opt outs" are painful when they pop up. They hit you like a knife. It takes everything to respond back those those particular individuals in a professional and positive manner, when you really feel like saying to them: "Thanks a lot for believing in me. Have a nice life"! Ha!
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              You could try to utilize that and experiment with sending messages specifically for mobile devices or text messages to cell phones. It depends on what kind of information you collect from people when you sign them up into your mailing list, but you might at least want to run a survey and see if doing more work optimized for those mediums if people would be interested or if they would consider it annoying and then acting accordingly. It at least as the potential to keep your company in people's minds whether they are on your website or not.