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    Look no further for a Home Base Business

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      United Credit Education Services Credit Education
      sponsored by VR-Tech Marketing Group


      The Credit Restoration Service

      United Credit Restoration helps give consumers who are negatively affected by poor credit the opportunity to achieve their financial goals and dreams. The service provides the industry's most comprehensive program to consumers who have been turned down for a mortgage or any type of credit due to credit problems. The company's combined expertise and state-of-the-art technology has helped thousands of customers improve their credit standing and lower their debt.


      As a Realtor/Broker you already know that credit scores play a significant role in your clients' ability to obtain a mortgage and at a low interest rate. What if we told you that YOU had the power to help your clients improve their credit score and give them a better chance of obtaining credit and loans at the best possible interest rates, would you?
      Put another way... if by helping your clients improve their credit scores, you could sell more houses and build client relationship/referrals that last a lifetime, would you be interested in learning HOW?


      Why this service is so important?

      Your clients may be rejected for mortgages/low interest rates based on mistakes in their credit reports that they don't even know about. In a recent study, 79 percent of credit reports reviewed contained either serious errors or other inaccuracies in regard to trade account and personal information. What's more, there's a one-in-four chance their credit report contains an error serious enough to cause them to be denied a mortgage. According to recent data, identity theft strikes more than 700,000 Americans each year and is growing at the mind-boggling rate of 40 percent annually. Credit Restoration allows them the opportunity to review their credit file and identify and proactively challenge any accounts that do not belong to them.


      How does Credit Restoration work?

      A team of credit analysts will perform a thorough review of all items on your clients' credit reports that negatively affect their credit profile and credit score. Your clients will regularly receive customized dispute letters to review, sign and send to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Dispute letters may be changed or modified at the individual's request. Your clients are strongly encouraged to provide any support documentation that may assist and expedite the dispute process.


      Why choose Credit Restoration?

      This is the industry's first proactive and interactive customer service. In short, clients receive regular progress reports detailing the status of their credit file, including the number of dispute cycles completed and the number of deleted items. The customer support team is on hand to personally answer any questions by phone or email, or clients may choose to access their account details on line any time of day or night.


      Interested in becoming a Distributor?


      You can also take advantage of an exciting business opportunity that allows you to earn an income while assisting your clients with Credit Restoration. The compensation plan allows you to earn money three different ways:


      § Commissions from direct sales of Credit Restoration to your clients


      § CAB Bonuses for helping new recruits make their first sale


      § Financial overrides and Leadership Bonuses from sales in your downline


      There are also contests and promotions on a regular basis that give distributors more opportunities to earn additional income. Distributors are given a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes, trips to the destination of their choice and other exciting prizes. The 120-day activity requirement makes it easy to remain active and receive overrides on your first five levels. In addition, there are three generations of Leadership Bonuses available from your 6th level to *infinity*!


      It is easy for you to succeed. The sponsor company, VR-Tech Marketing Group provides all of the training, support and software systems needed to monitor sales and build your business:


      § Your very own website complete with all product information and online enrollment


      § Your personal Genealogy Manager online tool that gives you complete access to your personal business information


      § Financial overrides and Leadership Bonuses from sales in your downline


      § Information Hotline with pre-recorded Business Opportunity and product information


      § Distributor Support phone line


      § Local Opportunity and Training Seminars held regularly


      § All of these business-building tools are available to VR-Tech Marketing Group Distributors absolutely free of charge!


      Log onto You can also call us directly at 203-526-1744 and we'll enroll you over the phone.


      For just $199 you can begin helping your clients realize their dreams of financial independence and home ownership. Enroll today!