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    becoming a commidities trade broker

    arakael Wayfarer

      I'm trying to start a business becoming a commodities trade broker with international customers as well as domestic. Getting the leads is proving to be the easy part. Its completing the deal successfully with all the proper paper work (i.e. BCL LOI PO's etc) and not getting stiffed out of your commissions seems to baffle. Can any one help mentor me as to the in's and out's of this type of business. A FEW of my questions are; 1. If I buy from a company say rice and sell to another company and the first company is to ship blind but does not I get stiffed for future deal, how do I avoid this? 2.How do I know when I need a BCL? 3.If I buy from a certain company that does want to dole out commissions how can I purchase from them with out having front money? When & how to use a LOI, CPO, NCND? How to find out if my pricing is comparable?