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    Networking Help!

    ApplicantTree Newbie

      For all the times I've read that networking is the key to getting a better job, people never seem to go into great detail about how to do it. We posted an article that goes into more detail. I hope this helps!

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          designer Tracker
          Thanks for this article. I will read it. It is interesting how people interpret the word "networking" in general. For me, networking is simply introducing myself to people and finding that common ground or becoming business partners that "click". For example, as a jewelry designer, I network with fashion stylists or magazine editors so that they will know I exist and we can collaborate together with me supplying a piece of jewlery and in exchange, I receive exposure and perhaps a nice feature in a magazine or have my work worn on TV or on a model. Its a win-win for both parties. And then, there is the other networking where people think it is to get another job. I asked my own brother to join my Linked In and he said to me..."Oh, gosh, Ken - - -I can't! My manager will think I am looking for another job!" I just shrugged my shoulders and respected his thoughts and feelings on networking. But, I think it's just a social tool and way to get out there and be successful.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Yes, Sometimes networking is the key to getting a better job.
            Not always. Welcome to this web site and yes I also will read the article.
            Tell us more about yourself besides "Consulting"
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              intechspecial Ranger
              Networking does help to get a better job, I would have to agree, but is most certainly not the end all to a better job.

              I will take a look more in depth at your article at a later date.