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    Hello All!

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      Should there be anyone in need of business solutions in terms of individual and/or employee benefits. We can assist you. I am with TLR Insurance. We serve Small to middle sized companies in the following states: PA, MD, DC, & VA. We provide Benefit Designs and CPA Consulting, and Accounting Services.


      We offer traditional plans and services from some of country's most trusted companies. Some of our most popular offerings consist of plans designed protect to employees at no cost to the employer or company. These plans cover things like Doctor's Office Visits, Rx, In/Out Patient Hospital Stays and more. We have an extremely wide range of products services to choose from.


      Please fill free to joint our newsletter, The Business Link. The TBL keeps our readers up to date with salient issues that effect small business owners and their concerns.

      Thank You


      Mr. Roberts, President


      TLR Insurance, Inc.