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    drop shippers and wholesalsers

    dubbsceo Wayfarer
      I want to start an online store and am looking for dropshippers and wholesalers. I saw the post about being careful about supposed wholesale companies that are actually a middle man. How to find true wholesalers and those in particular that will drop ship for you? The research for this can be exhausting. I did try the Thomas register but I find it hadrd to naviagte and it seems that site is geared more to industrial products.


      I also want some feedback from anyone with experience in parties like pampered chef , jewelry etc. I do have a line on some cosmetic manufacturers/wholesalers who will also dropship. I dont know the correct incentive structure for my sales staff. any input is much appreciated. I really want to get going with this as the initial investment is quite low and I really think it could be very lucrative.
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          dubbsceo Wayfarer
          aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddd I have the opportunity to put my own name on these products. I am a little leary due to liability reasons. I know I need to consult an attorney on this one but any input would be helpful. There seem to be quite a few business professionals here that are willing to help. I think this is great!