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    Is your site competitive? Ask Google’s Benchmarking Tool

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      Google just launched a new Benchmarking service as a part of their Analytics offering. They did this without much fanfare, but this is a very useful tool for business owners to analyze how their website stacks up against their competition. Now you can finally use your analytics data to get some competitive insights.

      I have written an article discussing this topic that I think can help business owners. I wanted to share the article with all of you. I've pasted the beginning of the article below. You can go on my website to read the rest of the article.

      +Summary: Google has launched a new
      benchmarking service to enable business owners and executives to
      compare their website's statistics against the industry average. This
      tool can help you to gain insight into how your website stacks up
      against your competitor. In this article we will discuss the tool in
      more detail and analyze why it is so valuable.+

      Have you
      ever been sitting, looking at your website statistics, trying your best
      to analyze the data, but just feeling like you have no idea whether
      your site's statistics are good or bad? You keep wondering, ‘how do I
      stack up against my competition?' Unfortunately, you can't just call
      your competitors every week and ask to swap data. But without knowing
      how your competitors are doing, you feel like your site's numbers give
      you little real insight as to how your company is doing.

      Google has helped to lift the fog. Google Analytics has released a new*benchmarking tool to enable companies to easily compare their website's
      statistics against industry averages*. Amazingly, this free service can
      help you see if your website is doing well versus websites in your
      industry, doing poorly, or just performing at an average level.
      Google's Analytics Benchmarking tool can give you insights into your
      own success and failure and those of your competitors.

      But what
      is benchmarking and why do business owners and executives need a
      benchmarking tool to maintain a successful website? It is beneficial to
      examine the answer to this question...

      You can read the rest of this article at:
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