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    Is it legal

    juanad Newbie

      I would like to know if it's legal to sell in my on-line store brand name products if I do not buy it directly from the manufacturer. Do I need special permission? I got it from a store in the clearance department and got a wholesale price for buying it all.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Is it legal?? Welcome to this web site. Good question
          Tell us more about you and your business.
          How long have you been in business?? Where are you located??
          Everybody in business should have a Lawyer and an Accountant.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            I'm not an attorney, but under the circumstances you describe, I'd think it would be legal. The only problem that I can foresee (off the top of my head) relates to warranties and returns. For instance, if a customer returned a product claiming it was defective, your state law (and good business practice) would likely require you to offer a full refund or replacement -- but you wouldn't be able to return the defective item to a wholesale distributor or manufacturer yourself for credit the way a "normal" retailer would.

            Welcome to the community. Hope that helps.
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                juanad Newbie



                I also think it is legal, specially after ebay. But I always want to be ethical while doing business, I just want to do what is right. 90% of my products come directly from the manufacturer, but once in a while I come across certain products that could be a complement for my store at a liquidation price if I buy them all, but I don't want the hassle of a company saying that I do not have the right to sell their products, take this lawsuit. I think this will answer everybody's questions.

                Thanks for all your advise.

                Here is my website.


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                LariosVox Wayfarer

                It is as legal as you want it to be! Selling drugs is illegal yet there is a market for it. Not paying taxes is illegal, yet some still choose not to pay. The way you make your purchase for resale should not be your focus...Let your customers they are getting a deal because when you purchase on clearance remember at some point in the season it was "regular price" it just happens that you purchace at the right time. Lazy people like myself want deals,but have little or no time to go looking for the deals, I mean i know they are out there and exist. If i go to your online store and make a decions to buy i will look for any policy you have in place. Make sure your policies are clear and the point, making it sweet doesnt really make money for you. Once somebody makes a purchase is at your risk, of course have ethics to build your business reputation and you will be succesful. If you think you are getting too big you should seek advice from a legal team. Mean while Bank while you can, you are in business to make money and it seems legal to me as consumer. Good luck
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                  designer Tracker
                  It sounds like it would be fine, but don't quote me on that. I would be a little careful you are selling genuine and authentic brand merchandise. There are a lot of copycats out there trying to make products that look like Gucci, Baby Phat, Nike, Prada, etc. What is someone buys the real deal and then returns a knock-off? The store may not know and then you purchased it to resell. Just something to think about.
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    Like designer wary of knock can usually tell by the too good to be true price..even if it is wholesale. If you know its a knock off be sure and state that up front.

                    And this online store is where?