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    Who can help me about IRS form 5472

    Dereshki Adventurer
      I filing my corporate tax with 1120 form, and i must file also form 5472.
      I have few question regarding this form.
      -Part II:
      1d: it's the country of incorporate or the foreign ?

      -Part III:
      1e: What mean this line?
      1g: it's the country of incorporate or the foreign ?

      Part IV:
      What's this ? A foreigner paid 20'000 $ for opening the coprorate and he own 100%
      What i must write?

      Thank you
        • Re: Who can help me about IRS form 5472
          LUCKIEST Guide
          IRS form 5472


          Who Must Use This Form?


          A U.S. corporation with non U.S.
          shareholders -- who own 25% or more of the stock of the U.S.
            • must file this form in any year when the US based corporation has a
          transaction with the foreign shareholder(s).


          A separate form must be filed for
          each foreign shareholder.


          Generally, a reportable
          transaction is any exchange of money or property with the foreign
          except for the payment of dividends, but the specific
          transactions are listed in Part IV of the form
          and in the instructions
          to the form.


          What Information Is Required?


          This form basically requires the
          disclosure of the foreign shareholders' name, address and country of
          citizenship, organization or incorporation as well as the nature and
          amount of the reportable transaction with each foreign
          shareholder. This form is not required where various foreign
          persons own 25% or more of the U.S. company in the aggregate. It is
          required where any one foreign person owns 25% or more of the U.S.


          Do you have an Accountant?? LUCKIEST

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