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    Cam charges

    lisashana Newbie

      Do cam charges need to be defined as a dollar amount and should there be a cap on those charges in your lease? Is there an average $ amount that the cam charge should be?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Ever since the first lease was signed for a space in a self-contained
          shopping center,
          landlords and tenants have been at war over who should pay
          for the costs of maintaining
          common areas and operating and managing the
          center. .

          <!--end paragraph-->
          <!--begin paragraph-->

          In a typical shopping center, the landlord owns most if not all of the
          land; builds buildings to house tenants
          and provides parking,
          sidewalks, lighting and, in enclosed malls, interior walkways and climate
          control.Tenants expect to pay rent for use of the building space and will agree to
          maintain and repair it while
          they use it. But who should pay for the upkeep
          of other areas, those owned by the landlord
          but used jointly by tenants and
          their customers?

          <!--end paragraph-->
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          Fair costs for tenants
          Tenants will generally agree to share the cost of maintenance and repair
          the parking lot (including lighting and landscaping), the sidewalks, the
          enclosed malls, and public
          amenities like restrooms. These areas are
          clearly used by the tenants' customers.
          The condition of these areas has a
          direct impact on the likelihood that customers will frequent the center.


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            Wingman Adventurer
            Hi lisashana,

            CAM charges will be whatever you and your landlord negotiate them to be. There are no hard and fast rules for $ or % because every location is different. The age/appearance as well as location of the center are only some of the factors to be considered.

            You should try checking with other centers in your area to see what they are charging so you have additional knowledge when negotiate the terms of your lease.

            Naturally, the landlord will try to milk you for all he can.

            Good luck