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    Marketing blog buddies/referrals? Adventurer

      Are there any professional marketers here who want to link up and be blog buddies or make mutual referrals and get leverage off our skills together?

      If so, please get in contact :)
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Marketing blog buddies/referrals, Great idea.
          How do you suggest we start??
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            Well I'm up for feedback and ideas but I thought we could recommend professional marketers and their blogs in the hope of raising profile, promoting professional marketers and obviously encouraging internet rankings and awareness. I thought perhaps on the site of our blogs we could list a link of other professional marketers names/companies with a link to their blog.

            Grassroots ideas so far but what do you think?
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              M_oneputt Wayfarer
              I am very intereseted. Please feel free to contact me directly.
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                Falconator Newbie
                This is a great idea....How do you suggest we do this?
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                  jenmedia Newbie
                  Lets get this together we all could use this!!! I have a product that I would love to introdce to all in this industry because it is new and valuable. Let me know how I can help get this going. -
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                    Brandsintrade Newbie
                    Hi All

                    I am a veteran brand marketer and was so passionate about exactly what you all speak of below, that I decided to develop a website which does exactly what you need. It aimed at those that are passionate about building brands.....I have created a section where you can upload your company or just log in as an individual....Once you are in, you can post on the forum, share best practice, download files and post projects for other members to bid on. I have made this all free as I believe the full value add will come from people sharing.....Success in today's world will come from collaborative environments and not the other way round.....Interested to hear your thoughts.....go and test it out.....


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                      I think it is an interesting idea! I am a blogger. Contact
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                        crossfoot8 Newbie

                        call Rich Evans

                        re SW candy in LR store
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                            Experience Wayfarer
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