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    Micro Branding Questions and Answers

    iMicrobrand Adventurer
      Hello all!! My name is Vincent Allen Hunt, and I wanted to open this discussion for Niche Market Professionals who have questions about Micro Branding. If you are not sure what Micro Branding is you probably fall into the category that a lot of my clients fall into, which is 100% normal. Micro Branding deals specifically with Personal Branding and Niche Market banding. This area of branding is becoming more demanding because of the increase in small business ownership, the shift in how we market online, and the increase of well qualified Executive Level Professionals that are finding their way to the world of self-employment due to market down turns and corporate downsizing.

      Let the questions flow!
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          Bluesuit Adventurer
          Hello. What is microbranding vs. just branding? This is the first time I've heard this term. Can you please provide greater context? Thanks.
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              LUCKIEST Guide


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              microbrand is a small-scale brand recognized only in a certain
              geographic location or by consumers
              in a specific micromarket or niche market.
              The majority of microbrands are owned by a microbusiness,
              but this
              trend is beginning to change due to the expansion of the internet and
              advancement of micromarketing tools. The process of identifying and
              microsegmenting customers into more refined targets is becoming anefficient and rewarding operation for larger companies and corporations.
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                iMicrobrand Adventurer

                Everything that Luckiest demonstrated... And...

                Micro Branding also pertains to individuals. This is a very key part to the Micro Branding methodology. I say this because where Micro Branding is applied to the Personal Brand, individuals are finding reward from tapping into key Niche Markets. For instance let's use me as the case study...

                For over 13 years I operated within the Marketing Industry - mainly Brand Strategy, behind the scenes with Creative and Futurist contributions. This was an amazing thing for me, I mean HUGE! As time went on and I began to dig deeper into the psychology of Branding, it's implications and fundamentals, I started helping individuals develop Personal Brands. These Personal Brands started becoming more refined and specialized as time went on and the more refined they became the more valuable they became. I started looking into Micro Branding and it's applications and began helping my clients carve out their Niche Markets... JOY JOY!! THIS is where I am more effective.

                So though My brand was developed around the Branding industry as a whole... I began reconstructing my brand even beyond just Personal Branding and went a layer deeper - Micro Branding. This is my niche. If you had to see a diagram of this it would look like this...

                Example 1: (layer 1) Vincent The Brand Strategist (companies, org's...) -----> (layer 2) Vincent The Personal Brand Evangelist (personal branding...) -------> (micro brand) Vincent the Microbrandologist (specialized personal and company branding to a niche market level...)

                As you can see here there are literally three layers of evolution, however; the evolution could be two layers...

                Example 2: (layer 1) Mark The Science Fiction Writer -----> (micro brand) Mark The Children's Science Fiction Writer

                In this example... the defined demographic being "children" tosses Marks Brand into this Niche Market. This starts to resonate through Mark's (now concentrated) youthful vibrant Science Fiction Brand. Let's look at this from a bigger view... Companies...

                Example 3: (layer 1) Cyntex Shipping Inc.
                > (layer 2) Cyntex Domestic Services Inc. -------> (micro brand) - a portal for small US based businesses to customize the shipping experience using web 2.0 interactions and mobile applications... Perhaps...

                In this example Cyntex Shipping Inc. a Global shipping solution maintains a smaller more segmented brand called Cyntex Domestic, Cyntex Domestic wants to get up-close and personal so they create a soft and "fuzzy" version called Cyntex Personal is web based and geared toward the niche market of perhaps, small business owners who want a closer relationship with a powerhouse shipping co.

                Hope this brings more clarity!!

                Vincent A. Hunt