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    How did and do it?

    RongDesign Adventurer
      A question that has always bothered me is "How does a subscription style site get their company worth paying subscribing to?" Do they offer their services free until their are enough clients to start charging new subscriber? Because they have to start with 0 members. Is that site really going to be able to offer a "connection" to the first couple subscribers?

      Any ideas how they do? Dating sites and personal sites that is.

      Dave Moore @
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          eHarmony was started by a psychologist (Neil Clark Warren) who already had some fame as an author and radio host focusing on relationship issues. He had actively been referring audiences to his website to take free surveys which were designed to improve their self-awareness and their relationships, and in 1999, he developed and added a patented "matchmaking" profile system. This foundation provided the credibility he needed to attract $3 million in first round VC funding in 2000, which really launched the site as it is now (and paid for a lot of television advertising -- bringing in over 2,500 new members each day as soon as it began running).

          So, Dr. Warren didn't set out to create a giant subscription site -- he was just trying to create a website to help clients with relationships, and that grew into one to help readers and listeners with relationships, and that grew into specific tools to help more readers and listeners find good relationships, and that led to investors who set out to create a giant subscription site. As with most business growth, the keys were subject matter expertise, a unique product and approach, a sound business plan, and money.

          From what I've read, saw the success of eHarmony's approach and brought in a renowned psychologist and relationship expert of their own (Helen Fisher) -- and launched Chemistry in 2006 based on the same basic business model (but with a different profile, survey, and "matchmaking" system).

          Hope that helps answer your question. Best wishes.
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            intechspecial Ranger
            Ingrediants for success(short version)

            1. Offer a great product that either A. Is much better then other products of it's type, or B. Reaches an "untapped" or "niche" market.

            2. Plan plan plan. 2a. Plan Plan Plan. 2b. Repeat 2 and 2a 10 times and then continue on to 2c. Plan and then repeat 2-2c.

            3. Research your Planning.


            5. Analyze Competition. 5a. What do they do better? 5b. What do they that is not quite as good as you?

            6. A touch more of steps 1-5.

            7. Simmer on for 6-9 months, while monitoring Economy, Politics, Relevant Industrial and Demographic trends, and everything anything else that might taste the same.

            8. Start over at step 1, continue on to step 6, if satisfied tastes appropriate spend 2 hours on step 7 the second time.

            9. Serve! While serving pay close attention to the reaction of persons that try your recipe.

            10, Continue on repeating steps 1-9, adjusting as needed.

            OR here is another option.

            1. Decide You are a Prophet when it comes to business.

            2. Take all ingrediants and slam them in the microwave.

            3. Stand on Street Corner, Smashing Recipe at anyone that comes within spitting distance.

            4. Adjust Recipe as needed.

            5. Claim your self as being an Upstanding Business Person with a phenomanol recipe that the world over has died for since the dawn of time.

            Or Final Option:

            1. Admit yourself to institution.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              How does a subscription style site get their company worth paying subscribing to??
              GREAT QUESTION. And NO, they should NOT offer their services free.
              Once you offer FREE services, it is then hard to start charging.
              Example. I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is FREE.
              I am also a Quickbooks Consultant and in some of my ads I include
              "FIRST SESSION FREE" Does that get me more clients?? Who knows??
              You need a good Business and Marketing Plan before going into business.
              Looked on the Members page. Good description of your company.

              RongDesign! is a full service web development, hosting and graphic
              design company.
              Our company is located in Newport, Pennsylvania. We
              keep our design business size small to keep
              customer relations on a
              personal level and keep your costs down.

              Customer relations and keeping costs down are great buzz words.
              Hope the above helps, LUCKIEST
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                websolutions Tracker
                A. Spending a lot of makreting dollars = new members
                B. Buying an existing database of members from affiliates like relationship exchange.