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    Looking for investors

    bennette Newbie
      I am looking for investors who want to loan capital for start up outsouring company. How do Igo about finding one?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for investors, Welcome to this web site.
          Tell us more. Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
          One of the first items an investor will want to see is a Bus Plan??
          Tell us about start up outsourcing company?? How soon??
          Where are you located??
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              bennette Newbie
              No i do not have a buiness plan and a marketing plan. I need to learn how to create one. Maybe you can help? I have the outsourcing company up and running already. It is tied to my other business which is Property Preservation. The outsourcing company Provides Data entry to preservation companies such as the one I already have (Texas Home Solutions). But once, I get it up and running, it will not be limited to my industry/trade. I have already started the Outsourcing company - but i need to start a corporation overseas as per the requirement in that country and also to take advantage of tax incentives as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). I also need an office and computer equipment. I am located in Houston, Tx. I do have a client in California and has hired 3 reps already. I have another prospect in Austin, TX and he is looking to hire 4 reps. But I can't proceed to knock on his door because i need a corporation, equipment, office and payroll, etc. If I get the funding I need then I can proceed to keep marketing.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Thanks for sharing. I am a SCORE Counselor and would be happy to help you get
                  up and running. I can also help with your needs to form a corporation, equipment,
                  office and payroll, etc.
                  If interested contact me at '" and include a phone number.
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                brinat0318 Newbie
                How much money are you looking for?
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                  bizconsultant Scout
                  Sounds like you need business planning as well as financial assistance without the high expense of both. I have some performance based business development programs that can help you with both if interested. Contact me at Anthony Jones , Business Development/Finance Consultant
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Not me, but there was a post from Solly. All you need is a Credit Card Terminal.
                    I attached a copy. Hope it helps, LUCKIEST

                    My name is Solly and i am a financial consultant at a company called MaxAdvance
                    in New York city. We are currently helping several small businesses with our
                    cash advance program. What we do is offer unsecured loans to be used for
                    whatever you desire without collecting a collateral. We won't take compounding
                    intrest, just one set factored rate wich means you can take as long as you need
                    to pay it back without any penalties. CREDIT IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH US. All you
                    need is a credit card terminal. Please feel free to contact me at any time at
                    1-866-629-4464 Ext:238.

                    Take care and good luck,