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    Federal and State NJ taxes

    arytech Newbie
      Hello All,

      I started my own LLC to do consulting services. I am the only one employed by my company. I am not planning to employ anyone else. I understand I need to report to state of NJ every quarter by filing form NJ-927 and pay the state taxes in addition to the Federal taxes.

      Is there any way to do it easily. I tried using the NJ state online website and tried fling NJ-927 but just did not understand anything. I was expecting I just fill out my income for the month of Jan (which is $0,) , Feb ($2000) and for March ($10,000) and the system should take care of the rest and tell me how much my company owes in taxes(and other payments). But did not get anywhere. I really dont want to mess up with the taxes.

      I understand BOA have taxes services they file Federal, State too? How much do they charge ? and Do I still have to file anymore paperwork with the state of NJ , even if I avail BOA services.

      Please help.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Federal and State NJ taxes, Welcome to this web site.
          Anybody going into business should have an Accountant.
          I am a Quickbooks consultant (with a little knowledge of taxes) in N Y
          with clients in both N Y and N J.
          *Yes *there are ways to do it easily and yes you don't want to mess up with the taxes.
          You can reach out to me at " " and include your phone number.