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    How work  FFI  System

    powerage Wayfarer
      You will find a lot of usefull infomation here about fuel saving devices.

      Are the Mpg Caps cost effective?


      1 Cap treats 12 to 15 UK Gallons @ $1.50 per cap.
      Average car takes about 12 gallons to fill.

      Cost per gallon to use cap 12 / £1.50 = 12.5p

      Average cost of 1 gallon of fuel say £4.00
      14% saving 56p per gallon £3.44
      Plus the cost of the mpg cap £0.12.5 Total £3.62.5
      So if you achieve a 14% saving
      (the maximum that FFI claim on there web sites)
      You will make a net saving of about 9.5%

      If you make a 7% on your mpg, these figures would give you a net saving of about 4%.

      (FFI claim a 7 - 14% savings)

      Which is great if you by at wholesale. I have been told that 10 caps will retail at about £20 including delivery.

      Will this be cost affective for the retail sector.


      With the price of gasoline over $3.00 per gallon and climbing, selling fuel economy and carbon pollutant reduction is where the money is at. Fuel freedom International does business in America and over 180 countries world wide. Our products are EPA tested and have stood hundreds of thousands of miles of testing.

      If you would like to get involved either part time or full time, Fuel Freedom International welcomes you and invites you to take a serious look at becoming an Independent Distributor in your area and show others how they can help in the reduction of Carbon emissions caused by Fossil fuels burned in their cars.

      <table class="jive-wiki-table">
      <td>1- No Product Purchase Required
      2- Buy At Wholesale Sell At Retail
      3- 25% Profit Margin
      4- We Pay Weekly
      5- Open Territories
      6- Commissions & Bonuses
      7- Residual Income
      8- Do It Part Time, or Full Time
      9- Marketing Site
      10- Back Office Too
      <td>Watch FFI News in YouTube
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          How to Save Money at the Pump

          Use MPG-CAPS as Part of Your Total Car Care Regimen


          Everyone is looking to save
          money on their gasoline spending with the cost of commuting,
          errands, or vacationing by car
          rising sharply with higher gasoline prices.
          With the summer driving
          season here, there are some easy things consumers can do that will
          go a
          long way in helping their cars run more efficiently and use less


          Automotive experts offers a number of simple car care tips that can ease the pain at the pump
          and improve vehicle performance:

          {noformat} * Change the air filter regularly. A dirty filter can lower gas mileage.

          * Maintain the recommended level of air pressure in the tires. Drivers
          can lose two percent of fuel economy for every pound of pressure under
          the recommended pounds per square inch.

          * Drive at 55 mph. Tests have shown that a car driven at 65 mph will use
          17 % more fuel than one driven at 55 mph.

          * Fill up early in the morning. The afternoon sun can heat and expand the
          gas in the station's fuel tank so drivers get less for their money.

          * Use only the grade octane listed in the owner's manual. Higher octane
          gas does not make a difference in the miles per gallon

          There are also a wide range of fuel economy products that have
          flooded the market since gas prices
          started to rise -- everything from
          magnets to gas pills to filter devices.



          MPG-CAPs are an organic engine conditioner that improves an engine's
          internal combustion
          process providing lower emissions, better gas
          mileage, and better fuel economy.
          For best results, two MPG-CAPs should
          be used for the first two tanks of gas
          \(for vehicles with 12-22 gallon
          tanks) which allows the micro-thin coating to develop.
          After that one
          tablet is used to maintain the full benefits of the product.
          are available for $2 per caplet through local distributors.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Powerage, welcome to the community. For other members, there was a thread discussing the pros and cons of FFI a fews months ago (it veers off course now and then, but does contain some useful info):


            Best wishes.