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    Check list for a new small business

    vitthala Newbie
      I need a check list to start a brand new small business.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Check list for a new small business.
          Welcome to this web site.
          The best check list for a new small business is SCORE.
          SCORE is FREE and can help any business.
          You can visit SCORE on line and find 26 FREE online seminars from Developing
          a Business and Marketing Plan to Building a Web Site.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            puzzleman Tracker
            Welcome to your new venture. It's a wonderful journey.

            Each different business has different points that it needs. Some basic points are to talk with an attorney, an accountant and a banker. You do not need to hire them however, pay them for their time and get their insights as to what they each suggest from their point of view. Use your own experience as well as any free sources of info like SCORE that has been mentioned.

            Then next step for me was to get lots of big sheets of paper and write everything down. Then organize the points into steps with timelines. Then rewrite it onto more paper that is posted so you can check it off as it gets done.

            One other note is to keep a big picture of your dream posted somewhere. for me it was the company name on paper banner that I made. It helped me to keep the big picture in mind when I got dragged down into the minutia.

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              ladyslipper Newbie
              I am in the same boat as a new entrepreneur.
              Visit your states Small Business Administration or Small Business Developement Center. Score did ok for me but the counselor I was set up with wasn't really in tune with my needs so I turned to these other resources whose assistance, I found to be tremendously helpful.

              Good luck!