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    Our Website URL's

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      Hello. I thought it would be interesting as a Community if we all used this thread to post our Website URL's, so we can take a peek at them, time permitting. I know I am guilty about posting here but then never really go another step further to actually see someone's business Website.

      We should treat this oportunity as if you were welcoming someone to your home. Give everyone your site address or link and then briefly greet them and give a few tips what areas of the site you want them to see, like if they were in your house and you were showing them certain "rooms" in the house.

      For example-

      I am Kenneth Fron. My website is: and I make 1-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry. I've been in business 3 years. The pages I would like to especially point out once you reach the "Welcome" page is my BUZZ tab because that is like my on-line resume of accomplishments. Next, there is the Celebrity page under the BUZZ tab. After that, I would mention that the Catalog is where you can find items for sale and the Gallery shows all the sold pieces. There is a Testimonial page and VIP Club, too. My Links page is great and I fully support Linked In, as you will see there. Oh, yeah there is an About page, too.

      My pledge is that I will check out at least a couple or a few sites per day and learn more about my SBOC members. I guarantee you if we invest and spend time in each other, we are going to learn things and grow and you'll know for the future if you need a person for this reason or that reason, WHO you may want to go to for a service or to shop. Thank you!