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    How to get on Amazon?

    devaney Adventurer
      How do you become a merchant affiliated with Amazon? So, when a customer goes to Amazon and searches for a product, how do you get your online website to show up as part of the results?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Amazon has several different programs, depending on what you're selling. Check here and see if any of these provide the info you need:


          If you have something else in mind that's not covered above, please post more specific details about your product(s), price/margin, sales volume, etc.

          Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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            websolutions Tracker
            If you are already a customer at Amazon, then you have access to a seller's account. Go to your account section and you will see it there. Click on the link and it will guide you through on how you can list products for sale @


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              devaney Adventurer
              Thanks for everyone's help. I have an amazon account but never noticed the "sell your stuff option." After I finish this I will check it out. Hass anyone on this site ever sold stuff on Amazon? If so, can you share any tips?
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                Faerie Wayfarer
                We sell on Amazon.

                Some things to be aware of -

                1. Amazon has a number of different seller programs depending on what you sell. Be careful when someone says, "This is what Amazon does" because that may be what Amazon does for them but still be very different from what Amazon will do with you.

                2. Amazon delivers buyers but they also maintain rigid control over your sales. They control the payment processing. They control much of the customer contact. They control the look and content of your listings.

                3. Amazon's A-Z guarantee means that they can refund your customer (with your money) without consulting you. You find out about the refund after the fact.

                4. Our experience is that Amazon customers tend to communicate via feedback rather than contacting us directly. This can be frustrating but it can also be used to demonstrate the level of customer service you provide.