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    Hiring outside the family  - background checks?

    Scotch Wayfarer
      Hello. The information on the site seems so helpful that I thought I would finally stop reading and submit a question. My folks run a small family owned business and with my father is getting older so we are considering hiring outside the family. This is a big step for us. In addition to reference checks - what available resources are there to business owners to do a background check? We want to make sure who we hire hasn't served any prison time, isn't wanted for a crime, etc. How can I investigate this? Also, what personal information would I need to ask from them in order to do the background check?
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          DomainDiva Ranger

          Ge the following info:

          full name, and ailias (if any)
          addresses for the past 5-10- years
          SSecurity #
          Drivers License, if they have lived in multiple states get those DL #'s if you can.

          Go to:

          start at the first search page and then you can refine, there will be links to follow.

          Have your credit card ready.

          You will want to ask them for a release to do a background check, or at least an understanding that one will be done. If someone was doing one on me I would want to know.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Background checks


            you are hired or promoted for a job may depend on the information
            revealed in a background check.
            Job applicants and existing employees
            as well as volunteers may be asked to submit to background checks.
            some jobs, screening is required by federal or state law. The current
            emphasis on security and safety
            has dramatically increased the number
            of employment background checks conducted.


            short, employers are being cautious. At the same time, applicants and
            employees fear that employers
            can dig into the past in ways that have
            nothing to do with the job.


            Another suggestion. Google "Hiring- Background Checks"
            There is a lot of info. LUCKIEST
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              Iwrite Pioneer

              I know you asked about doing a background check, but I wanted to say, "make sure you do a personality check." Going from a "family" member to a person outside the "family" to help run the "family" business may present deeper concerns than a criminal history. Finding a person with the right skills and the personality to match your company's culture is not an easy task. We see examples of CEO's being brought into a company and doing more harm than good, not because they have a criminal past but because they do match or fit the culture of the company.

              By all means do the background check, but also take a good, long, hard look at the culture of your company, and determine what personality traits would be a perfect match for you. I know this was off subject and that this is what the interview process is for but it needed to be said.

              Good luck.
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                EL_DollarShop Adventurer
                There more than enough ways to background checks, many local, city and, states have free to view via a web site to see if someone has a criminal background, or even sexual predator/sex offender listings.
                Otherwise there are plenty of investigation firms that can give you a complete report on someone you are thinking of employing.
                One thing legal wise you have to do is inform a candidate for hire is you will be performing a background check, and have them sign a peice of paper explaining this, then have them sign, and date the document stateing the have full understanding, and agree for you do this.

                One other thing you might want to consider is also drug screening. Even the most favorable background check on someone never shows what illegal or improper drug abuse they might be doing.
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                  Cash_in_Hand Adventurer

                  It seems you want the perfect employee?
                  Background checks are great but because someone did time does make them bad.
                  Look at all of these CEO's they never did time and they robbed those companies blind!!
                  So i understand checking them out but some openmindedness will help out.
                  You i know someone who hires lots of ex-con's and he has never had any problems.
                  Not saying there aren't some bad one's out there just maybe have an open mind.
                  Always go with your gut feeling.....
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                    a quick link to a piece I wrote about background checks - thanks!