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    In need of SMALL amount of capital for web based venture(s)

    DivMediaNC Newbie
      Heres my situation:
      I have been planning and developing a legitimate web based application that targets a very large niche market.

      I raised enough money on other ventures to finance it myself. However, unexpected medical bills drained me.

      As of today, I am preproduction for the applications programming. I have a single investor looking to become a partner. We're doing all the talks now. However, I'm trying to count my options here. Due to the small investment needed <$20k (for programming and initial marketing), i want to look into the possibility of grants, loans etc. The downside: I'm 24. I'm only co-signed on my mortgage (since '06) and don't have very well established good credit.

      the investor seems great, but after his capital is paid back, he wants 50% of everything from then on. I respect that idea and understand how investors work. Except this project is expected to have returns in 6 months or less and be highly profitable within the next year or so.

      What else can I do in my position other than give up 50% of my profits, on such a small amount.

      Can anyone help? Thanks!

      **This is NOT adult based ventures.

      Johnny York
      Divisional Media.