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    Reverse Funnel System  |Best home base business opportunity

    smithapple Newbie
      hi friend,
      Welcome to Reverse Funnel System.
      This help u lot to to achive finincal freedom to you from home itself.
      Best home base business opportunity[url]
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          intechspecial Ranger
          I know nothing about the reverse funnel system.

          I also might check out your url, but my web browser seems to interpret your website as non existant.

          Why put it in reverse, when drive seems to work just fine.

          If I post to much more, I am going to end up in a funnel cloud, I mean tunnel cloud of confusion.

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Is The Reverse Funnel System A Scam?


            The reverse funnel system is a marketing system that was launched less
            then 30 days ago, and has caused QUITE a stir since it was released to
            the public.


            The reverse funnel system is based off the premise of
            creating total automation for your home business,
            able to sign you up
            $1000 sales without having to call people, close them, or do anything
            other then
            send traffic to your Reverse Funnel System.
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                intechspecial Ranger
                I do not know if the reverse funnel system is a scam.

                I don't even know if they have a website.

                I still have not figured out what their url is.

                If they can give me 1,000 bucks for signing up, where do I sign?

                I just hope the funnel doesn't take all my money.
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                    vacationofwea Newbie
                    With the economy going down the toliet and many real estate agents,
                    mortgage brokers, travel agents, car salesman, timeshare salesman, and many
                    other sales service professionals not making the money they are used to, many of
                    them are turning to the home based business direct sales arena. The benefits to
                    this industry are numerous. First of all the market never ever gets saturated.
                    There is no shortage of people out there looking to make more money or cash flow
                    and to do it from home. Working from home has no headaches like working out of
                    an office or with running a brick and mortar business. There is no overhead,
                    rent, administrative, payroll, or shipping expenses. All these headaches are
                    gone with working from home for yourself.
                    To run a successful home based business you need three key ingredients. You
                    need to market a high demand, high ROI product. A product that sells and will
                    continue to sell without the business opportunity attached to it. That is really
                    hard to find in the industry. So many companies market useless ebooks or
                    software as an excuse to make money. That is a hard sell. If you are a CEO or a
                    Sales Executive coming from corporate Amercia you don't want to sully
                    your reputation that way. Master Sales Executive Randy Gardner says, " I was
                    very excited to start a new phase of my life earning a multiple six figure
                    income from home but it took me a while to find a product that could satisfy my
                    conscience. One that had stand alone value and would actually save the consumer
                    tens of thousands of dollars."
                    Secondly you need a sales system that is partly automated. Sure this is
                    direct sales and it is a people business, but you need to leverage your time.
                    Former CEO Richard O'malley says , " In corporate America you have employees to
                    leverage your time. When you work for yourself you better have a system that
                    either closes the sales for you, does the marketing, or the sorting and
                    prospecting. I have found that using the GRN Team Builder program marketing the
                    Global Resorts Network product. The Virtual Assistants close my sales and I just
                    market. A PERFECT partnership."
                    Lastly you need a compensation plan that can replace and surpass that
                    executive income you are accustomed to. Six figure a year former realtor Grant
                    Phillips says. " I needed a business that could net me a minimum of $15k a month
                    after 60 days. I didn't have time to invest in a franchise or a brick and mortar
                    business where I wouldn't see any profit for 3-5 years. I ran across a lot of
                    opportunities like Liberty League, EDC Gold, Lifepath Unlimited, and Passport to
                    Wealth but with Global Resorts Network and GRN Team Builder I found a business
                    that has $1,000,000 a year potential. It has the product that sells, the system
                    that closes, and the comp plan that makes it worth my time"
                    Many in this economy are hurting real bad. Those that used to make
                    millions in the real estate, mortgage, and travel industry are quickly realizing
                    to make it these days they need a second stream of income. Chris Hurney, a five
                    year industry veteran says, " It is so refreshing to show people a real business
                    with a real system that can allow them to make more then they ever made and have
                    a clear plan to retirement in the next 3-5 years. Anyone can do this business,
                    all it takes is commitment, consistency, and effort. I enjoy mentoring people to
                    success. GRN Team Builder has allowed me to do that."
                    To learn more about GRN Team Builder and why Global Resorts Network is the
                    luxury timeshare travel leader, please request more information by going to