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    Stop foreclosure and Save your Home.

    wsalazar Newbie

      We negotiate directly with your lender. We work for you not the Lender.
      The application is free and only take 25 minutes.
      Your approval with the lender is normaly available in 48-72hrs.
      You hava nothing to loose.
      Visit my web page to educate your self with the many different programs available, fill out a 2 minute application found at the bottom of the (Blue Bottom) and some I will contact you to complete the application.
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          AppleGraphics Adventurer
          I know you offer a service which some people may want, but it honestly always make me think if people really know what they are doing to there credit score (which affects a lot more then people think about) when the look at these types of solutions to their problems. Just my 2¢.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Just curious though what are the fees? What can you do that the homeowner is not able to do? Why would a lender negotiate with you instead of the borrower?
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                wsalazar Newbie

                Hello again.
                Thank you once again for your question.
                In regards to your question, there are Not upfront fees.
                If the lender approves you for any of the programs available, they are requesting what is know as a "good faith down payment. This amount varies from individual to individual and will be collected directly from your lender. This is only if you agree to what they offer you...

                Would you like to speak to me ? or do you know some one who may need this service ?
                Call me. I will be more than happy to talk you through the process.
                office (888)-694-0307 or visit and click on "Foreclosure unit".

                Thank you again
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    I don't need your service. I was not stupid enough to believe everything the builder and the bank told me about buying 200,000 more house than I needed.

                    I was just curious. There are a lot of 'save your house' plans that leave the homeowner owing money and losing the title to their property.

                    If the lender approves the program and requests a 'good faith downpayment' how is that collected from the Lender? Perhaps your terminology is confused since you just described one heck of a scenario that I would not reccommend to anyone.