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    How do I market a unique lighting system most efficiently?

    Absolute Newbie
      I am a new small business owner that has a unique lighting system that I am trying to market. This lighting system is unique in that it is as thin as a credit card and is as bendable as laminated paper. I truly believe that this is a possitive vibe type product and just know that it will be successful (the product sells itself). I want to redesign the skyline of every major city in Texas. I might be thinking big but that's the way I see it. I had very little cash flow to start my business with but as I said earlier I believed. Now, I have the product in hand and I don't think that I am being taken seriously when I contact community leaders and prominent customers. I have four salesmen on the streets and on the phone and I am currently posting adds to community listings for sales reps in each major city in Texas (except Houston). I have only made one true sale and it was a minimal profit. My prices are by the foot and per square inch depending on total size and this is a newer product so the price has to reflect that. Looking for advice. Thank you!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How to market a unique lighting system most efficiently.
          First welcome to this web site.
          I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is FREE.
          SCORE talks about a Business and Marketing Plan.
          Have you developed a plan yet??
          SCORE has many marketing suggestions.
          Have you contacted the local newspapers and tried to get a story (not a paid ad) about you,
          *your company and how you *want to redesign the skyline of every major city in Texas??
          *You have *four salesmen on the streets and on the phone.
          How are they doing??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              Absolute Newbie

              LUCKIEST, thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I have not found the SCORE site yet. Where exactly is it? As for my plan... We are marketing Light Tape and recrueting for a representative in each major city in Texas (excluding Houston) through community listings and the Yellow pages; Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Amarillo etc. We are offering 45% of the total gross profit of each sale to each representative. The mark-up will be left up to the individual representative and they will be responsible for building their own winning team. There is a minimum monthly quota of 300 feet which is about $3075.00. We make the purchase from the manufacturer and ship it directly to the customer. We have tried to keep it simple and easy for slow ones like me. I have not contacted the newspapers. Thank you, I will. As for my salesmen: Salesman A is a digital graphics designer and has a degree in lamp engineering. Polite and informative. Salesman B has construction and sales background. Loud and aggresive. Salesman C has military background end electronics knowledge. Also an aggresive salesman. Then there is salesman D, thats me. I am a mother of two and new to the real business world. I have found it a challenge but when I don't know the answer I know how to find it. Thats why I'm here. Thank you for your great advice, I've been taking notes!
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              intechspecial Ranger
              I have found the Internet to be a great tool in a wharehouse full of marketing devices.

              "That being said", do you have a website?

              If you do not, my company is a manufacture of Industrial Quality Internet devices. (A.K.A. Website Design).


              Outside of a website, I could give you other marketing ideas, but I might lead you in the wrong direction. I claim to be a Marketing Specialist, but others seem to differ with my marketing views.

              My latest campiagn I am trying to have stickers of my website url placed on bananas at the local grocery store. Even if they turn me down, I might go bananas and place the stickers their anyways.
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                  Absolute Newbie
                  I am computer challenged and do not have a website yet. I have been looking at do-it-yourself type sites and have'nt actually tried yet. (Things to do this week) I have recently set up a merchant account to accept purchases. I have also been working with powerpoint to prepare a presentaton for a local airport. My reference to and research of product information website is This is our most informative and valuable tool. I have been pushing my way through the internet highways and byways with my limited internet driving skills and I am steadily improving (just a few dings)but i will take any advice that you would be willing to share with me.Thank you!
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                  Scotch Wayfarer
                  Have you tried reaching out to design & build firms? Also architects and interior designers maybe interested in your unique lighting system. Also, does this lighting system save energy? Engery efficiency seems to be all the rage right now.
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                      lighting companies, electric companies,architects,airports(currently waiting on an April 15th reminder), interior design,bowling allies, us gov. agencies, city managers, Amusement park, safety equipment companies, sign companies, there is a real list due to the number of applications and safety features. It is also very energy efficient.Which applies to all. The installation is easy because of it's light weight. This is truly an amazing product but I am not sure that I am approaching potential customers in the right way. We refer them to the website and ask to set up an appointment with the owner or appropriate department to present this product in person. This does include some travel if the potential is great enough. A lot of "wow, that's great" but no big deals yet. Thank you for your advice. This is a great forum to be a part of.
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                      bizconsultant Scout
                      You say you have a unique product, but whats your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) ? Thats what will ultimately help you get those sales you need. To do this, come up with a list of benefits from every angle you can think of...what are the "hot buttons" your product has to offer that would make these community leaders take you seriously? things like price, savings, convienience, safety, eco benefits,etc... whatever it is that you can leverage into a benefit. Then intergrate it into a marketing strategy that goes outside of the box for your industry. and the reason I say this is because you dont want to be just another person in want to be in the front of another line, so come through a diffrent door.

                      God luck with your endeavor and I hope this insight was helpful

                      Anthony Jones - Business Development Consultant
                      ABC Solutions - Performance Based Business Services
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger
                        Having a crystal clear a 20-second verbal "elevator pitch" and a written three-sentence summary that clearly describes your product's application and benefits would be helpful. I'm sure the marketing experts who are in this community will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the last thing you want to do when trying to market a new product is leave a potential client or customer confused about what the product is or does -- and in this case, I'm confused.

                        The phrase "unique lighting system" made me immediately imagine a new residential kitchen or landscape lighting product, or perhaps a commercial office space application. The "thin as a credit card" feature led me to think it was indoor lighting, outdoor decorative, or maybe something for vehicles (I got excited about that -- headlights, taillights, trailer lights, boat navigation lights that are thin as a credit card and bendable . . . cool!). The "vibe product" phrase usually refers to sound or a heat processing component in engineering design, so then I wasn't sure -- maybe landscape lights that can also keep plants warm and "talk" to them? Then "redesign the skyline of every major city" suggested a large scale office building application that would be readily apparent from a distance. In other words, I really paid attention to what you wrote (and I'm certainly not stupid), yet I don't understand what you're selling. (Sometimes, we're so close to our own creations that we forget how the things that are obvious to us are not so obvious to our potential market.)

                        Once you have someone's attention, I think it's imperative to position your product in the buyer's mind clearly and quickly. If you didn't do that here with me, you're probably missing the mark with others, as well -- and some of them are probably real buyers who are important to your success!

                        Hope this helps. Welcome to the community and best wishes.