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    Does anyone know about FSC certifications?

    AppleGraphics Adventurer
      For those of you who do not know I run a small printing business in Illinois. While looking at some other sites today I came across information on FSC certification. Basically a FSC certification means the certified product uses wood which has been gathered from an eco-responsible forest and has followed a chain of custody arrangement through certified vendors. Basically my question is are other people aware of this type of certification and if so how important is this personally to you or to your clients.

      For your information here is a link to the website.
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          Scotch Wayfarer

          This must be an industry specific term, because as a consumer I've never heard or seen this type of certification. If I could offer my two cents - I would say that the world is becoming more ecologically aware so having additional certification that shows where the wood is derived from would definitely be a plus. I know I always think more highly of corporations that practice business responsibly.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I had no idea what FSC was until I read something about the last Harry Potter book being printed on FSC paper (I have a book merchandiser as a client, otherwise I'm not sure I'd have seen or noticed that). Anyway, I first became "aware" of the certification then.

            I still don't know much about the actual products, and FSC has not been promoted by the printers I've used or by the company from which I buy bulk supplies. My assumption was that the types of stock I buy are not yet manufactured or readily available as FSC classified -- so I can't honestly say it has been an "important" factor to me. Hope that helps.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              FSC certifications is forest certification and it will protect our forests

              Forest certification was launched over a decade ago to help protect
              forests from destructive logging practices.
              Like the "organically
              grown" sticker on produce, forest certification was intended as a seal
              of approval --
              a means of notifying consumers that a wood or paper
              product comes from forests managed in accordance with
              environmental and social standards.
              For example, a person shopping for
              flooring or furniture would seek a certified forest product to be sure
              that the wood
              was harvested in a sustainable manner from a healthy
              forest, and not clearcut from a tropical rainforest or the
              homelands of forest-dependent indigenous people.

              Increasing consumer
              demand for certification creates a powerful incentive for retailers and
              manufacturers to
              seek out good wood suppliers. This in turn prompts
              forest managers to adopt ecologically sound certified practices
              maintain natural forest characteristics, and to move away from
              destructive techniques like large-scale clearcutting,
              logging in
              endangered and old-growth forests and destruction of natural forests
              for replacement by barren tree plantations