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    Film investment. Working in Motion Pictures.

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      Right now my company has three feature film projects in development. After a few trips to New York the past couple of weeks it came to our attention that one particular documentary film, which we had scheduled to shoot in August, needs to begin production within the month. Why? Events in Poland dealing directly with the subject of the documentary are taking place this month and its crucial to the film that we capture the event as best as we can. The film itself has a budget of 800,000 and will come from both American and Polish investors. However an initial 60k is needed to get things going immediately. The 800k will be acquired but as I stated before we had not planned on reaching production until this August.

      I realize that this subject probably doesn't come up that often. So I'll relay a few pointers. Overall, film investment is risky business. I often hear from investors that its like the lottery. You may not receive a return or you might just quadruple your investment. Many investors are interested in the glamor of it all, the ability to say they've financed films, or gain a large return. More likely is that they have an invested interest in the subject matter. Our goal as a company is always to give investors a good experience so they'll come back for additional films. Now, how seed money or "development" funds work in this arena is that the 60k invested will be paid back before the film is complete at the moment the full budget comes in, which in this case will happen before August. With receiving the 60k back a percentage of ownership in the films profits is also given thus allowing the opportunity to benefit from a profitable sale of the film. This is basically the safest kind of investment available to those interested in film investments. While the returns aren't quite as high, the risk is considerably lower and those starting out in film investment seem to like getting their feet wet in this way. The documentary has many high profile individuals, and highly recognizable names associated with the film as interviewees. We are interested in discussing the opportunity with anyone serious about becoming a source for the development funds or anyone with a general interest in film investing. A full investment packet is available with detailed information. You can contact our company at 770-881-7500, or We are looking forward to speaking with you and sharing the details on the project.