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    Global Resorts Network | Legitimate Home Based Business | Gl

    allajohn123 Newbie
      Hi Guys,

      This is aki from california introducing the Global Resorts Network (GRN),which is a home based

      business opportunitywe've been searching long & hard for, and YOU just may conclude the same. This is

      a business that we are extremely proud and fortunate to operate.


      Global Resorts Network | Legitimate Home Based Business | Global Resorts Business | Home Based Business Opportunity | Network Marketing
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Global Resorts Network, Welcome to this web site
          A business that we are extremely proud and fortunate to operate

          Will look into this business and check it out.
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            vacationofwea Newbie
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            I have no problem whatsoever giving someone who is serious about GRN
            access to my personal product. I have made a couple sales that way.
            Especially one who wanted it for the Wyndham in Waikiki. I believe in
            full disclosure and due diligence. Business people relate to that.

            the bottom line to make money with GRN is to join a great team, pick a
            system and hit it hard. Whether you focus on retail or bus oppty there
            are so many different strategies both old school and new school that we
            teach with our team.

            Personal branding is all good but seriously
            you better be the leader people are looking for and present yourself
            that way. To speed up any online business focusing on finding
            professionals in areas that cater to your product work. We are hitting
            it hard and having amazing fast results hitting the obvious timeshare
            market etc.

            Good luck in GRN to all. visit for more info.
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              Wealth11 Newbie
              Global Resorts Network is an outstanding business. It is one of the very few direct sales company that is foremost a consumer driven retail product and not solely a business opportunity. When you combine that with the compensation plan and the great marketing systems out there, its a can't miss.
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                  vacationofwea Newbie
                  Awesome! It is all I can say about the Global Resorts Network business. The
                  product, the GRN Team Builder system, and the comp plan just keep making this
                  better and better. The New 1.5 GRN Team Builder site is now out. This will
                  help us explode sales. Being able to PERSONALLY BRAND ourselves on each page
                  will mean increased exposure and more sales. I want people to know I am the
                  LEADER they are looking for and now I have that option.

                  The GRN Team Builder site is by far blowing away the others systems out
                  there to help you make sales with GRN. It is totally duplicatable and the
                  Virtual Assistants make life so easy for you if you don't want to have to
                  prospect or close sales. I wrote $18,000 worth of business my first two weeks
                  and it has been exploding ever since.

                  Check out this new system by going to . Each page tells a
                  story on why Global
                  Resorts Network is the best opportunity in the market
                  place. This is not hype based like the Reverse Funnel System. This is a system
                  for true professionals not those looking for lottery tickets and get rich quick.
                  If your looking for long term legitimate results than Global Resorts Network and
                  GRN Team Builder is the way to go.

                  My five years experience making money from home will show you strategies
                  that other people dont teach to generate huge leverage and residual
                  income. From contacting timeshare agents, vacation pros, or other network
                  marketers I have the emails and the scripts to use to get the deal done. I
                  have the financial incentive to be a great mentor and that is what this business
                  is all about. Again check out the new web 1.5 GRN Team Builder and why it will
                  help you explode sales.

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                  vacationofwea Newbie
                  Wow I can't believe the summer is here. I just got back from a week
                  vacation in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I stayed at an all inclusive
                  resort that was 5 star called the Paradisus. I would recommend it to anyone. The
                  beautiful thing about working from home for the past five years is the fact I
                  can go anywhere I want when I want for as long as I want. Plus while away I made
                  $3,000 in sales with no effort of my own!

                  Global Resorts Network is exploding. I am teaching my team strategies that
                  are outside of the box that are creating duplication. It is all about finding
                  others who have lists that we can exploit that will be open to either our
                  product or are cash flow opportunity. I teach people 4 distinct strategies they
                  can use to make huge income here with Global Resorts Network no matter what
                  system they use. Again it is all about finding other people who want to create
                  massive cash flow and have the means to do it. I am not interested in finding
                  people looking for a lottery ticket. I teach people how to find HEAVY HITTERS in
                  multiple industries that will come in here and hit the ball out of the park.
                  Since I make $1000 for each sale they make it behooves me to find these people
                  opposed to spending money online for get rich quick people. I want hungry
                  entrepreneurs and I teach you how to do it.

                  I am also happy to announce that I have added the GRN Global Call Center to
                  my toolbelt. I use the GRN Team Builder also. But the new global sales center
                  will EXPLODE sales by 5 times. This system created huge results for people in
                  Coastal Vacations and I expect it to do it here. It is a bit better than the
                  Team Builder system since you don't have to pay a 200 commission for each sale
                  you make, you only pay one up front fee for that closing. Plus the sales center
                  system will force the prospect to call up in the beginning opposed to the team
                  builder where the lead needs to get to page 5 before they are told to call a
                  Virtual Assistant. All you do is advertise your page and on it will be your ID
                  number. The lead will call and speak to a CLOSING PROFESSIONAL who will answer
                  your prospects questions and close the sale for you. Again this is perfect for
                  those looking for a legitimate company and business opportunity where they can
                  be earning 5 figures a month in the first 60 days. We have the best product in
                  the industry, with the best systems, and BY FAR the best compensation plan out

                  With my strategies I teach and with the tools we have in place, you have no
                  choice but to join us. Take my 5 years experience in this industry that NOW IS
                  THE TIME and Global Resorts Network is the place to be. I look forward to
                  working with you ONE ON ONE. I will personally mentor you to success. Call me
                  with any questions. For those that use certain systems I will kick back some of
                  my profits on each of your first two sales to reimburse you for using those
                  system. Ask me about it.

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                    leadingent Newbie

                    Make $1000 Per Sale Without Doing Any Selling

                    Opportunity Summary

                    Global Resorts is the exclusive marketer of one of the most exclusive luxury travel clubs in the world. Thousands of people prefer this travel club to timeshares because there are no maintenance fees, no hassles, simply a one-time fee for a lifetime membership that allows members to travel all over the world for as low as $298-$799/week.


                    As a new member of our Global Dream Team you get the opportunity to market this prestigious membership while we close all the sales for you. We offer lifetime live training through webinars and teleseminars as well as business presentations open for all your prospects.


                    You also have the option to include a fully functional sales center to handle ALL your calling, prospecting, and closing while you make all the money.

                    The sales center offers an excellent opportunity to leverage your time and efforts while exponentially growing your business. The sales center fee is an additional $995, but it's not mandatory, it's optional. You can still run your Global business without the sales center for only $3095, including the travel membership so that you can enjoy a lifetime of travel as you market this great product.


                    If you don't have all the investment money of $3095, we offer you a $797 level where you earn your way up by passing up your first two sales. This price doesn't include the travel membership but it includes the lifetime training, one-on-one coaching and all the mentoring you'll need to grow your business.


                    This is the perfect opportunity for you if you love to travel, wish to spend more time with your family or quit your job while making a great living from home, or if you're simply looking for an extra stream of income to add to your repertoire.


                    We do have quite a standard of the people we want to bring on board with us. It takes a lot of time and effort on our part to coach you and help you develop a successful business.


           has all the details or call 770-995-0029
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                      Badabing7 Newbie
                      {noformat}<a href="">GlobalResortsNetwork</a> is merely a vehicle to create wealth.
                      Instead of fantastical ideas, it is best to be objective and analyze precisely how you will make money.

                      Whether or not your business is actually built for longevity and maximum customer value. If you can truly duplicate
                      your results
                      Just my .02