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    Graphic Design & Printing Company - Marketing Help

    matgraphics Newbie
      I've been a small business owner for almost 5 years and this year I decided to take it to the next level and hire an employee. In the past I've gotten new clients soley by word of mouth.


      What is the best way to market my services? Graphic Design & Printing including large oversize printing.
      My website is:

      I primarily want to focus on small businesses, although I do have a couple corporate clients. Should I purchase a mailing list? purchase ad words on google? What's the most affordable way to advertise?

      Should I market Graphic Design separately from the printing side?

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          AppleGraphics Adventurer

          I am in the same boat as you, Apple Graphics is a printing company which specializes in shorter run offset print jobs which tend to benefit small businesses the most. We do not handle oversize printing so I cannot comment on that piece but so far from the limited marketing we have done purchasing ad words has not been a good choice. To be quite honest we have had the best of luck with word of mouth and basic networking. People seem to want to be connected to a small printer in one fashion or another more then they care about the price (to an extent). That being said we have had some luck with direct mail and purchasing local business list.
          I hope this helps and please let me know what works for you I am always interested in new successful marketing ideas.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Graphic Design & Printing Company - Marketing Help.
            First of all welcome to this web site.
            I am a SCORE Counselor and both SCORE and I can help you with MARKETING (FREE)
            SCORE is FREE. SCORE talks about developing both a Business and Marketing Plan.
            You just hired your first employee. Congrats. Does the employee have a title??
            Who is in charge of Marketing, (new sales, promotion etc)
            What's the most affordable way to advertise??
            There is NO one way. Every company is different and every location is different.
            That is why there are horse races or different brands in the store.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST

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              NatOnline Tracker

              Hello Mat,

              You may submit to Yahoo directory, this is an excellent marketing spot for businesses.


              In my own experience, you should market Graphic Design and Printing together. Customers like when you are taking care of all their needs.

              I will suggest you to provide Photographic services as well. I had a lot of jobs from photos, graphics and printing when I was running my company.

              Hope to help
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                Bridge Navigator
                Decide what market you are going to target and use a tool such as to help identify prospects. You can then sell by phone and mail.

                salesgenie can help you identify companies by geography, sales revenue, and industry

                Will you be a mile wides and an inch deep or laser focused? I.e. all small business or a certain type? If you specialize (real estate for instance) you can develop a reputation as an "industry expert" and network at local events.

                Are you limiting you clients to local or do/can you serve clients nationally?

                If you are going "local" stress the benefit to clients of working local versus out of state printer or companies like Vista Print

                Do you provide free samples? Again, much easier to do if you focus on an industry or two because companies can relate better to samples that are more representation of what they might need.

                Best of luck!
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                  Brandsintrade Newbie
                  Hi there


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                  Hope you guys find thjis helpfull....Interested to hear some comments ad feedback......
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                    chocolatelove Newbie

                    Can you print directly on plastic? I run a small candy business and I would like my company name and ingredients on the package.
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                      topclass Newbie
                      Hi there,

                      You have probably gotten your answers but i just wanted to give you some feed back. I do marketing myself such as full color flyers, banners, business cards, apparel, web design etc. my website

                      As you can see i do a little of everything. The thing that works best for us is online, networking and word of mouth. When i say online i mean more SEO type of stuff. Its the best means of online advertising as adwords etc does nothing! Dont get me wrong it does work for some clients but for us none. A lot of the time people are just browsing clicking around. Every click costs you money. I rather advise clients to do SEO, its a monthly investment that can help your ranking grow over time and get unlimited amount of visits rather than whatever you spend in your budget.

                      Look up your local chamber of commerce they normally have several monthly events that you can exchange business cards at, that works good for us too.

                      Also if your looking to expand your current marketing line we offer reseller pricing.
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                        Fatty423 Newbie
                        Hello Matt...Since you are a designer already and you probably get good rates for printing, start a CONSTANT and CONSISTANT">postcard mailing campaign. Our postcard campaigns start at .32 cents each at">imageMEDIA but you can do it even cheaper if you design it yourself. Give us a call even if you just want some mailing advice. The key is no matter what marketing channel you use to keep doing it on a consistant basis.