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    Computer System that hedges Technology

    nicaservices Wayfarer
      I need advice on what type of computer system to buy. I currently own a gateway laptop, but i want a new laptop and a desktop as well. Some friends have been encouraging me to get Dell, which i intend to do. But I need advice on what type of system to get which will hedge against growing technology. I am not verse on this subject, all i know is that before you know it you're out dated. Vista, i know nothing about, but i know it's the way to go. How much RAM or processor should i buy...... Both computers need to share files, which i'll use advice from a prior forum to establish. So advice me please.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Computer System that hedges Technology.
          Great question. I can't wait to see some great answers
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            xenopod Adventurer
            What kind of software do you use? What does your company do and what is your role in the company? How long are you trying to stay ahead? How much are you planning on spending as a maximum? I mean if I tell you to spend $21,000 just to buy one laptop and one desktop are you not going to break a sweat about it and just do it, or were you thinking quite a bit less for your budget?

            Are you wanting a system that is simply Vista capable and can ride out to Vista's end of life in 2012? (Source:
            arch/?sort=PN&alpha=WINDOWS+vista )

            Or are you trying to get a solid system that remains strong until the next release of windows in 2010? (Source:
            line_of_releases )

            The answers to those questions will give you different answers and can help optimize a computer for your intended use and budget.
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                nicaservices Wayfarer
                I am looking to spend 3000. I will load quickbooks and other software to run the business. Nothing too fancy. At this point I do not run claims adjusting software but if the need arrise I want to be prepared. Pictures etc. I want to stay strong till the next windows release. If I need to spend more that 3000 tell me why and I can speak with our CEO.
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                    xenopod Adventurer
                    Here you go I hope this helps!


                    understanding from your posts is that you are looking for a desktop and a
                    laptop for your business needs, but that you are getting all your software
                    needs separately. Now if you do actually need to buy an Antivirus or a copy of
                    Office then these figures do not reflect that. So these prices and
                    configurations are for a desktop and laptop computer that will run Windows
                    Vista and other software until the release of the next version of Windows.



                    Go to
           or directly at:



                    You should see
                    this information:



                    Item No. BTO



                    Systemax Ascent
                    KMA BA3800 AMD Athon 64 X2 & genuine Windows Vista® Business running
                    genuine Windows® XP Professional Build-to-Order Commercial Solution: AMD 690
                    Asus M2A-VM & 3 Year On Site Warranty



                    Now scroll down
                    and you see a button that says "Customize this Model" click it and
                    set this configuration:





                    Windows Vista Business





                    AMD Athlon 64
                    X2 6000+ 3.0GHz Dual Core Processor





                    2GB DDR2 PC5400
                    667MHz Dual Channel (1GB x 2)



                    Primary Hard


                    500GB 7200RPM
                    3G SATA II Hard Drive



                    Secondary Hard


                    320GB 7200RPM
                    3G SATA II Hard Drive



                    Optical Drive:


                    DVD+R/RW-R/RW Dual Layer Drive



                    Optical Drive:


                    DVD+R/RW-R/RW Dual Layer Drive



                    Card Reader:


                    9-in-1 Card
                    Reader Black





                    56K V.92 PCI





                    Gigabit Network Adapter





                    1394 Firewire
                    PCI Card





                    Logitech Deluxe
                    250 Keyboard USB



                    Input Device


                    Microsoft Basic
                    USB Optical Mouse Black





                    CA eTrust
                    Anti-Virus 2007





                    No Software
                    Bundle Selected





                    Cyber Acoustics
                    2016 2-Piece Speakers





                    ATI Radeon
                    HD2400Pro 256MB





                    19" Black
                    LCD Monitor





                    Internet 350VA/180 Watt UPS





                    3 Year Parts
                    & Labor Warranty w/ 3 Years Onsite



                    This should
                    give you this Price: $1,347.91





                    Again another
                    one from


                    Direct link at:





                    You should see
                    this information:


                    Pursuit 4165 15.4" Widescreen Built-To-Order Notebook PC with Genuine
                    Windows Vista



                    Item Number: BTO 038663



                    Now you should
                    see a button that says "Customize this Model" click it and set this







                    Windows Vista Business





                    Intel Core2 Duo
                    T7500 2.2GHz 800FSB 4M Processor





                    2GB PC5300 DDR2
                    667MHz Dual Channel (1GB x 2)



                    Hard Drive:


                    250GB 2.5"
                    5400RPM SATA Hard Drive



                    Optical Drive:


                    DVDRW Dual





                    Intel 4965AGN
                    Wireless Mobile



                    Blue Tooth







                    CA eTrust
                    Anti-Virus 2007





                    No Software
                    Bundle Selected





                    3 Year Parts
                    & Labor Notebook Warranty



                    This should
                    give you this Price: $1,294.98











                    <hr />



                    With 3 to 7 day
                    ground shipping the total is: $2,682.46
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  For out tech people, I went with HP/Cpmpaq laptops NX9420 about 2100.00 Best Buy for Business Windows XP Professional. My CTO, coder and designer were adamant about NOT having Vista, (at least not for another 2 years).

                  Then I bought HP Docking stations and Apple 26 monitors with 160 gig hard drives. You can also network the HP docking stations, so now you have the best of both worlds.
                  (You don't have to go nuts and get the Apple monitor...I got them because of the visual design aspects of our product).

                  Laptop AND desktop? Nah.
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                    NatOnline Tracker
                    If I may give my opinion, the key is to buy the best motherboard you can find in the market. Iit is always easy to change CPU or memories, but not a motherboard as many softwares must be registred by the motherboard.

                    For example, if you buy a motherboard supporting these specification, you are ready for the next few years: CPU Pro Core 2 Quad Socket 775 1333MHz
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                      bscottech Adventurer

                      I represent the B. Scott Technology Group we are an independant connsulting company with our very own vendoring services. I understand you are seeking a couple of machines that are up to todays standards and for a great cost. And reading through all the posts I have seen the usual recommendations of Dells, Gateways and Tiger Directs. We have partnerships with industry leading manufactuers such as Microsoft, AMD/ATI just to name a few and can provide you deep deep discounts and above average services on just about everything.

                      I would like to offer my companies services to you. We have low cost above standard workstations full customizeable and scalable as your needs grow. All of our machines come with a Data Guarantee which means as long as you are a B. Scott client your data is covered for recovery in the event of the unthinkable, every machine that leaves our line comes preconfigured with what we like to call essential fullware. Which includes: a Clean desktop, The latest version of MS Office not a trial, and Full Antivirus protection provided by our partners at Symantec. This is something that Dell, Gateway, Compaq or any other computer company can provide you.

                      We have a great line of machines launching this weekend our Signature Series line. All of these machines are hand built and tested in our facilites and are ensured to not only keep you satisfied but out perform just about every other PC that hits the starting block. And the cost would not break the bank either.

                      Although, I would love to give you a price online due to the competitive nature of the market I would rather speak to you about the myriad of options my company can provide.

                      You can log on to for the services and email for a quote on the PCs that you are looking for. I hope that this helps and look forward to possibly speaking with you.

                      The B. Scott Technology Group
                      "Worry-Free I.T."
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                        intechspecial Ranger
                        Everyone that answers this question, including me, will try and steer you towards using a product or service that they feel is best for you.

                        You best bet would be to know EXACTLY what it is that you would like your computer to do for you. Once you know EXACTLY, you could try and find the products that are relevant to what you need.

                        Get a good understanding of the products, then you have the ability to shop around for the ones you like at the best prices.

                        Every sales person from here to China, has the best product.

                        You end up buying this product, and two months later you realized what you really need is ________.


                        I would have to venture towards Microsoft Based Products, and only the today's best hardware.


                        What works for you will depend on your budget, or the sales person's ability to sale you what you think you need.

                        Good luck.