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    Am I just too skeptical?

    AppleGraphics Adventurer
      I always see these make money from home businesses and immediately ignore them; am I being to skeptical? I know that there are some legitimate home based businesses out there but all the ones I have seen that fit this category are some type of fulfillment service which makes it impossible to make any decent type of income. So I guess my question is are there really any non MLM or scam based home business that people make a living off of. To clarify I am not looking at participating in any home based business but wondering if my preconceived notions are outdated.
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I have been wondering the same thing. There just has to be but if it is a real money maker and you are making money off of it, would you tell everyone else? I'm not sure I would.

          I understand that the web has opened up a whole new avenue for making money, but still I wonder.
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              work4home Newbie
              You're not being too skeptical; you're being smart. Here's something I learned through agribusiness (growing up in a farming-and-ranching rural area probably qualifies) while in primary and secondary school is that some people really are *others*-oriented, enjoy helping other people, and find it rewarding in-and-of itself.

              Thanks for being honest about being uncertain if you would tell everyone else were you in "a real money maker" and were making money off of it. How many people would pause long enough to ask themselves that question?

              For someone who was raised doing business face-to-face and "advertising" through word-of-mouth, the web contradicts that entire thought process. It takes away the "Hey, Frank. I've got 75 head of yearling heifers (female cattle that never had a calf) that are springing (pregnant). You know anyone who might be interested?" for an example. Frank might use the web or might not. What if there might be a buyer in Helena (Montana) looking for 25 or so, another in Lamar (Colorado) interested in 15, and someone in Witchita Falls (Texas) needing 35 but the seller is in Moscow (Kansas)? Around Amarillo, Texas, Frank might do pretty good advertising over the internet, which might help to explain why there was such a strong reaction to a comment made about beef. There's a lot of beef (real money making) in agribusiness, but it depends on the person.

              There's a web-based program that has a lot of real money-making potential, which many people who I know up here in Oklahoma City who want to share this program with as many people as possible because they know what this program can do for people, but it's not really the real money making potential that motivates them. One man was on the verge of filing bankruptcy due to debt when he was shown this program, and it helped him so much that he wants to help others, too. I looked at the same program and knew what I saw when I saw it, and I was still skeptical about the program. It works, and I've thrown everything I know from inside the mortgage banking business against this program.

              But I still wanted other people who I do know and know I can trust to help me analyze the program further.

              Again, you're not being too skeptical; you're being smart.

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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  This has been an interesting thread for me.

                  Do I believe you can make money from home? Yes.
                  Will everyone? No.
                  Do I believe all the claims being put out there? No.

                  Not all home based businesses are suspect. Many are legitimate but people should invest some time and energy in researching the business they would have a better picture of what they are getting into. I find it interesting that if you attend the meetings or seminars or whatever you want to call them, the people hosting the event push hard to close the sale before you leave and have time to think things through. If the idea is so strong, giving people time to consider what they are getting into would not be a problem. NOT ALL HOME BASED BUSINESSES PITCH THIS WAY BUT A LOT DO.

                  I mean, look at all the programs or systems being presented on this forum. Everyone has a sure fire way to make money. Not every home based business idea is a great one, just like not every brick and mortar is a great concept either. We should all approach these things with a healthy bit of skepticism.

                  Would you really run and tell everyone if you discovered a diamond mine filled with diamonds instead of mining it? I believe the real diamond mine is in the selling of a home based business - people are making a lot more money selling the system than they ever could working it. Selling home based businesses has become an industry within itself. Just like motivational speaking and coaching.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Am I just too skeptical. YES and NO. Bad answer BUT hopefully it got your attention.
                In today's world (with computers and the internet) working from home is easy,
                rewarding both income wise and peace of mind.

                *Lets take your business: *From budget to bindery, Apple offers each and every customer
                decades of experience in all facets of printing.
                Do you own the printing presses?? Could you be an independant sales person working
                from home and phoning in orders to a printing company??

                Iwrite. Do you write and work in an office?? or same as above could you write from home??

                Lets take me. I used to be an Accountant (BC) before computers.
                30 years ago I worked from home. I took over the Kitchen table when the kids left for school
                and closed the books as they came home. Yes back then I had to visit my clients
                to pick up the books, the payroll the bank statements and MY check.

                Today there are so many businesses that one can operate from home and YES make money.
                Go to the Library or Book Store and look at the magazines that talk about owning
                and running successful new businesses.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  I agree with Iwrite. If these deals are so good, why aren't they doing that instead of selling the system Just like the psychic that gives you lottery numbers. If they know the numbers, why are they still working and not living off of their investments from millions of dollars of winnings. Once someone told me they did win the money and then when I asked why they still worked, they said that they wanted to spread their special gifts around. I then asked why do you charge for it and not give it away since you are financially independent and want to spread the word. Just then they got a phone call (phone was on vibrate) and couldn't talk anymore. It was fun spreading the word about him.

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                      Iwrite Pioneer
                      My point exactly.

                      My father is a tough buyer. He once took all three of his kids with him to buy a car, he wanted us to know how to do it. Well, we get to this car dealer and the salesman is laying it on thick and my father is peppering him with questions about everything. Finally, the salesman asks my father, "what will it take to get you into this car?" Without blinking, my father said, "Just answer my last question: what type of car do you drive?" The salesman look shocked, he said a car from another manufacturer. My father said, "thank you, but I think we'll pass."

                      In the car ride home, my father said to us, "never buy from a salesperson who doesn't use the product. They know it inside and out - if they won't use it then something is wrong with it." There are exceptions but this lesson has stuck with me. Why would a person abandon a perfectly good, money making idea and sell it to others? Because there is more money in selling the idea than working it, and it doesn't even have to work.

                      I understood this question to be talking about home based businesses.

                      Mine is not really a home based business. I do work out of my home and from an office and at the coffee shop, but once I can get my agency stronger, I will have an office. I will never tell anyone that they can do this from home and offer to sell them the system. There are client meetings and presentations, photo shoots and recording sessions to attend. I really can't run this by myself forever, not if I am going to stay true to my business plan. To me, this is a lot different from the businesses that people say you can run out of your house. They are designed to be smaller operations that most people need little to no help running. I'm not passing judgement on these types of businesses - I just wonder if the majority really deliver on their claims?
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                      Maya_Venture3 Newbie

                      Hi AppleGraphics,


                      It is good to be skeptical about things specially if you are going to invest on something. That is why you need to just not believe but search it for yourself. Unfortunately, there are scam and illegitimate business out there that hurts the real ones! But one thing I will say is, yes, there are legitimate home base business, a good book to read is: Your Home-Based Businee and How to Make it Work by Pete Billac, it tells you how to choose a company and how to find out if it is a legitimate one or not. I am fortunate that I found one myself!!!
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                        designer Tracker
                        I think this is a great question! There are many home based businesses out there but I am guessing that many have to do with sales and selling. I saw last night on the Internet that Telemarking is one of 10 jobs that is a dying breed. If you take an easy example with a reputable home based business...mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Partylite, Tupperware, Lia Sophia are all home-based businesses. You have to throw parties and call all your friends over and get them to place orders so you get a cut of the sales. It seems like too much work to me but perfect for many people looking to fill a part-time void and earn a little cash; especially if you are a big fan of the company and would buy their product anyway. There is more risk associated with new or unknown companies. That's where you have to do your homework and decided if you are going to take that chance.
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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger

                          For a home-based enterprise, at least four of the keys to success are value, profitability, viability, and sustainability (as that term was defined before the "green" movement claimed it).

                          The product or service being sold has to be worth more to the customer than the purchase price (value). The price the customer pays for the product or service has to be more than it costs the business to produce and provide it (profitability). Enough customers have to buy it to keep the company in business (viability). Customers will either have to buy the product or service again, or have the desire to augment, enhance, or upgrade the product or service at a later time (sustainability).

                          Any skepticism is totally justified because most of the home-based businesses that are pitched here almost daily (e.g., legal plans, supplemental health coverage, travel agencies, information services, and e-commerce websites that basically sell from someone else's catalogue) fall short in one or more of those regards (often, all four!). That doesn't mean that they're "scams" (or even that a few people are not making money at them), but it does mean that the opportunities they offer are limited for someone who is just getting started.

                          I understand the passion and motivation for launching a home-based business, yet a simple four-question "business plan" would save a lot of folks a lot of money, disappointment, and grief:
                          1. Will people really buy this from me?
                          2. Can I make a profit from what they're willing to pay?
                          3. Will enough of them buy it so I can stay in business?
                          4. Will at least some of them buy from me repeatedly (or will I perpetually need all new customers)?

                          Unless all the answers are "yes," it's probably not the right opportunity.
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                            Revitalize Newbie

                            I would like to add that with today's technology it is possible to run a profitable business from home. I am currently starting my business based on being a facilitator for other businesses by networking a need with a company that has a solution (B2B). My background supports my venture so I would say "open your mind" to how people are changing the way they communicate and conduct business. I could open an office and charge my clients for the overhead but why?
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                              iVerve Newbie
                              If this helps at all...

                              I have been self employed for over 10 years. I was fixated in web design and development for most of that time, and ventured into various other "obvious" choice businesses to generate extra income. The biggest problem that I had was that though I was self-employed I was still working for "linear" income, or exchanging services for dollars. Well the problem is that if I decide to stop designing, I stopped making money. Now I always knew this BUT it was safe in my mind.

                              Then a Mentor of mine challenged me about Network Marketing, MLM whatever you wanna call it. He mad me grab a book by Paul Zane Pilzer, that absolutely changed my life. When I opened my mind to the basics of Network Marketing - it changed my perspective about not only how I was earning income but also "Building" it... There is a HUGE difference.

                              To make a long story short... Network Marketing has become VERY sophisticated and people are making HUGE amounts of money with the advent of the web. We are connecting with more people, faster than ever before - giving the MLM or Network Marketer a HUGE advantage. NOW only a few months later I a FINALLY starting to enjoy being self-employed and I am building a strong residual income that is a lot more attractive then the Linear income I had before.

                              my 0.02USD
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                                intech Wayfarer
                                In my opinion, the problem is the mentality people have is that somehow there is a profession or job that is "work at home." No, the profession or job could be the same or similar to what your normal job is. You just need to figure out how to take what you already know and do it at home. For example, Luckiest is an accountant who works (or worked) from home. He is not a "work-from-home" who happens to do accounting. I am an engineering recruiter who works from home, but I was an engineer working in an office long before I ever thought of using my knowledge and contacts to start a recruiting business working out of my house. The key, to me, is to figure out how to do what you already do (or something related to what you already do) from your house.
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                                  Uncle Leon Tracker
                                  <<<<I always see these make money from home businesses and immediately ignore them; am I being to skeptical?>>

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                                    intechspecial Ranger
                                    Apple Graphics -

                                    You are most certainly not being to skeptical.

                                    For any home based business to be profitable, you are going to have to work hard, and have a good product to offer.

                                    It is never as easy as paying a fee and you are rich.
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                                      Peter63 Wayfarer
                                      Yes, IMHO, you are being too sceptical, as indeed I was, before I started to understand and learn it! I headed in the online business direction , as opposed to the MLM - which I looked at ages ago. MLM didn't appeal to me because it's the numbers game of approaching people; forcing a product onto people - yuk!

                                      Online is not an easy ride, but I'm enjoying the experience enormously, and the scope's incredible.

                                      Hope that helps.


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                                        ShearGenius Newbie
                                        This company has been around for 20+ Years let me know what you think of it. I love to get feedback. I am still working on a goodsite name. Trueful but a little over the top. let me know if you have any thought on one.