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    Business ideas

    pimports Newbie
      Hi everyone
      l'm from Australia and wanting to have my own business. l'm looking for some business ideas, including what is popular in American that l can import down under.
      If anyone can help please do. Thanks F
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          SohoConcierge Wayfarer

          If you are a social person and have a good network of friends, I would strongly recommend the service industry. You can start your own travel business or can act as a booking agent for your clients. It will take the least amount of finances. All you need is a good website and lots of good friends to help you achieve your goals. Hope this helps. Travel industry is just an example; there are so many other types of services you can chose from that you might be more comfortable with. Just think globally.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Business ideas. Hi
            *Y*ou* *are from Australia and wanting to have your own business.
            Great idea. Tell us more about yourself (like age and work experiences)
            and what kind of business ideas you want to get involved in.
            The more you share with us, the better we can help you
            Start by developing a Business Plan.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              puzzleman Tracker
              Tell us about your history and your life experiences. You need to ask yourself what do I like to do, what am I interested in, how would my experiences work with my company, how does my education fit with a business. You need to discover these items about yourself first before you look for a business. Then come up with a plan of action to identify the steps needed to make it work.

              Also I wouldn't be worried about what is going on the USA and look around your own country to identify needs that are not being met. Then with the ifo from above, it shoud pop right out.

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                Bridge Navigator
                Can you give us some insight as to your:

                1) Background
                2) Skills
                3) Work Expererience
                4) Education/Knowledge base
                5) What type of "work" you like to do (outside, analysis, computers, etc.)

                Greg Dupuis