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    Paypal Vs Bank of America: The Bottom Line!

    EbonyRose888 Newbie
      Hi guys, happy Friday!

      I'm in a bind, similar to a post the other week about Paypal. I think Paypal may have a connotation of being less professional than BOA because its not brick and motor - has anyone been told that before? But you know what....what I really care about besides the service (which someone was gracious enough to go into in the post a couple of weeks ago) is the bottom line. I'm working on a website and want to have the 'pay buttons' to click on..s there a set up fee for any of that?
      1. What's the difference in fees? Side by side.
      2. What is the best deal financially?
      3. Why did you choose Paypal versus BOA or some other merchant servic
      Thank you, I appreciate your answers!

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          nMoncrief Adventurer

          If you want an instant rate quote without divulging ANY personal information at all, you can get it now at This site is geared towards existing e-commerce businesses that use a shopping cart and a payment gateway, and usually have their own SSL certificate. There are other options available to you, such as PayPal, if you're just getting started and don't want to invest in those things right away. You mentioned the "Pay Now" button which, I think, is a PayPal feature. You can certainly go with PayPal and probably get started a little faster, but you're going to be paying a higher combination of discount rates and fees. I'm not dissing PayPal; it's just a fact that you can save money by shopping around and going with an independant agent elsewhere. If you choose carefully, you'll have an agent who'll help look out for you and ensure your success. After all, that agent loses a small bit of his/her steady income if your business doesn't succeed. Look for someone with extensive experience in e-commerce processing. Best of luck with your new website!

          Neil Moncrief
          Creek Financial Services
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            NatOnline Tracker
            I think Paypal is pretty expensive for a virtual financial establishment.

            Bank of America has a very good customer service for merchant account. I stand behind my bank which is BoA

            Remenber you get what you pay for.