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    Traveling? How to turn your Vacation into "Paycation"?

    Maya_Venture3 Newbie

      Check out my online travel website: for all your travel flights, car rental, hotel, vacations, cruises or golf packages!

      Also, we bring you the perfect opportunity to transfom your life by combining the powerful information handling capability of the Internet with the world's most dynami product - travel - and the personal touch of independent, home based business people. If you want to be a business owner, working at home...then contact me today! Email: To learn more on how to own your business and sign up for only less than $500 one time fee...check out: You owe yourself to check it out or you'll miss out on this great opportunity!!!

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Traveling? How to turn your Vacation into "Paycation"
          Sounds exciting. Will check it out.
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            Jerica Newbie
            Hi Maya,

            A friend of my mom's already pitched this to us. We have the DVD and folder and all, and the materials of course make the whole thing seem very exciting but at the same time it is a high start up cost (well for me and probably some other folks, anyway, especially if you're not actually incorporating your own business and you're really working for someone else's!) and it also seems like it's getting oversaturated. Do you get a lot of actual business? I am wondering because what if I joined up and couldn't sell any travel because people are used to using their own travel agents or a company travel agent or dicount ones online? They won't know mine so they probably wouldn't trust it off the bat. Your Travel Business looks interesting but at the same time it is just another MLM, wouldn't you say? Have you had much luck with any other MLM's? What does business look like for you right now? Not all this, "make zillions in minutes" stuff, but real facts. I am trying to look beyond the hype.

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                Maya_Venture3 Newbie

                Hi Jerica,
                Thank you for your email...I will try to answer it as best as I can...First of all, this is a actual business and if you are comparing it with start up fees with any kind of business, you have to consider equipments, materials, websites, etc needed on top of your start up fees. So yes, I agree with you, $500 is a lot of money for people like us...but if you consider that's it!!! no overhead, no rent, no equipments, no software is available within minutes for you after you sign have the DVD, you have the info about it already. But, the big thing is...if you think you CAN'T then it is probably not for you because you are right, You CAN'T do it even before you start any home base business! Because if you treat it as your job, would you just put your feet up all day at work? This is hard work, and it is not easy starting up anything...but if you work harder at your present job where will lead you in the next 5 or 10 years??? I rather try working for myself and do the same hard work I am doing for a company and put it ALL in my own company then it will pay off eventually. You ask me how I am doing...I just started in January 21...emailed all my friends that I could think of and hand out my business card to whoever I meet to let the word'll be surprise...I have few bookings now through my website and a lot of my friends told me they rather book in my website than Expedia or Travelocity or Orbits since it is the same price anyway and sometimes even less...I have a friend (I still have a 8-5 job at the moment) at work and they were shopping around for tickets then they check my website...they found out mine was cheaper by $100 and so they are hooked now and I am guaranteed future bookings from them from now on. We don't sell discount tickets and I am not guaranteeing that my price is always lower but it is competitive and we are booking the same seats on the flights, same cabin on every cruises, same hotels etc. I am not going to rich overnight for sure but my hard work and persevarance is a guarantee that I will reap what I sow in the future. I met the founder and CEO of the company, in fact I had a picture with the Founder, and he is a man of integrity, I can feel his heart and he told me...this is hard work but DON'T EVER QUIT!!! If I don't quit then he and the company are there for me to support me and help me succeed. I searched this company before I sign up that's why I went to meet the founders and the CEO at the corporate office to see what it's all about. Don't sign anything before you even check out the company. If you still have questions, feel free to call info at: Hope this helps...I can go on and on about it. Blessings, Maya_Venture3