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    Are you ready for Global order fulfillment?

    shipwire Wayfarer
      I wanted to introduce to the community.

      We help growing web merchants eliminate the hassles of storage (warehouse) and shipping (order fulfillment) so you can focus on growth.

      We currently operate warehouses in the Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and the UK (London) is coming on line now.

      We offer a free trial; no credit card needed to send us up to 6 items of inventory for storage and fulfillment. Plans start at $30/month

      We are pre-integrated with common shopping carts (Yahoo, ProStores, CREloaded, Zen Cart, AspDotNetStorefront, WP e-commerce, etc), PayPal, Checkout, eBay Auctions and more. Point-click-go.

      We offer a suite of services to help US and non-US businesses sell in the US, Canada, UK.

      I was looking over the boards and see there are some non-us companies here trying to figure out US import laws. We offer help files and support for that. As well as importing, customs clearance, freight, etc.

      So a few questions for the boards.

      1) If your in retail, have you ever thought about outsourcing order fulfillment to an organization that runs multiple warehouses that you can ship from? Benefits are faster shipments and less in shipping costs. We put out a calculator at (rollover DHL) for you to see the time/cost savings. What do you think?

      here is a profile from Entrepreneur magazine that helps emphasis the point

      2) Where do you want to grow your business? If you could have a warehouse anywhere in the world...what market would you want to sell in.

      3) What are your concerns if you started selling in a new market (ex: US merchant selling in the UK?)


      case studies: