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    Start-up Costs & Taxes

    gtp1212 Newbie
      During the process of starting my new business I incurred start-up cost in 2007 but had not yet filed the papers establishing the business.

      Are those costs or any portion of them deductable in my 2007 taxes?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site Start-up Costs & Taxes, They could be.
          tell us more. Who are you?? What kind of business?? and Where are you located??
          Not that it answers your question.
          Every body in business should have an Accountant, a Lawyer and maybe an Insurance agent.
          Start-up Costs & Taxes. The BIGGER question is DID YOU HAVE INCOME in 2007??.
          Tell us more, LUCKIEST
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              gtp1212 Newbie
              The business is a nutrition counseling business. Working one on one with individuals looking to incorporate healthier eating habits, not diets, into their lives. Business will be based in North Carolina but will have clients in different states.

              No income related to the business in 2007. Start-up costs associated with the business include, certifications, outside creative design costs, brochure printing, business cards etc...

              I have a meeting with an accountant next week but want to go into the meeting prepared