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    How much should I spend to Incorporate?

    trishy9161 Newbie
      I recently opened an interior design company and would like to know what the average cost is for Incorporating? Hiring a lawyer? Hiring an accountant?
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          IGoCRMI Wayfarer
          What state are you looking to Incorporate in and which state would you need the legal/financial services in?

          I'd say in most cases, try to get a referral to your professionals. If you post the state here, I'm sure some folks will chime in with some good people to consider.

          There are a number of services to assist in turn-key Corporation filings, and I think it's generally under $1,000 all-in, and depending on the state you Incorporate in. In California you get an $800.00 fee annually just to be a Corporation, so consider some state fees will probably be on there as well. We found a great attorney that helped us out for a flat fee and she used a company called Paracorp, and they are awesome!

          Here in Southern California, I've paid attorneys anywhere from $150 - 550/hr, depending on the type of work they are doing for me. One of the best attorneys we use for general business and contract stuff is Lisa at - I highly recommend!! Our CPA is bit expensive, but incredible, and is generally about $5k per year.

          Hope that helps! Good luck!


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            TonyIOD Wayfarer


            I would suggest that you look into MyCorporation (owned by Intuit). You can do it for about $300. See their prices at:


            I used them to form my LLC and was very pleased with them.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
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                Biz Online Adventurer
                Regardless if you are forming an LLC or C-Corp, I highly suggest finding a local, reputable attorney in your home town. By doing it online or even doing an LLC formation yourself, you put yourself and your company at risk.

                One of the main reasons for incorporating is to protect your personal assets. If you are unfamiliar with the law, and how to protect your assets, you may not get the protection that you may need by spending $300 online to form your own company.

                I'm not an attorney, but I have an attorney who set up my LLC. It cost me about $1500. That's 5 times more than the online route, BUT I know my personal assets are protected, and I sleep better!

                Best of luck!
                Cliff Koraska
                Koraska Interactive
                Internet Marketing
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                    newbiz_2 Wayfarer


                    This firm will do all of your incorporating for you. They even have a General Counsel Club and the membership is only $140.00 PER YEAR. You get unlimited business advice, unlimited strategic advice and they will serve as your General Counsel. I joined a couple of weeks ago after contacting them for some advice and I spoke with an attorney for FREE for about 45 minutes. These days it will cost you $140 for 45 minutes, but you are getting this service for $140.00 PER YEAR.

                    No, I do not work for the firm, just happy to have legal counsel when I need it and it is not breaking the bank. LOL
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                    cajawahar Wayfarer
                    for incorporating a company in usa please contact to a cpa
                    for outsourcing your accounting work please contact to the following email id
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                      Matthew Wayfarer
                      To incorporate? You dont need to hire an attorney to do that.

                      I used

             and incorporated out of my home state for cheap. It doesnt cost much just make sure you have them apply for your EIN to make it easier on yourself.

                      It really isnt a complicated process.