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    Store owners how much would you pay for background music?

    poloi3eai2 Wayfarer
      I am starting a music programming business to compete with the likes of DMX and Muzak. My competitive advantage over them is creating custom background music to fit with the brand. DMX and Muzak do custom music programming but only for major retailers like Macys, Footlocker, and American Eagle with multiple locations. There are barely any services what would provide customized music for retail stores. There is one that charges $175-200 for a single location. For single location businesses Muzak and others only give you the option to pick from their preprogrammed stations. Pretty much a radio station minus the commercials. So a competitor can possibly be playing the same thing. But for those services it's $30-$50 a month.

      As a store owner how much would you be willing to pay for music strictly catered to your brand that makes your customers visit more delightful and increases their time in the store which equals more sales??