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    The type of business owner I want to be.

    Iwrite Pioneer
      Leo Burnett was a giant in advertising. He was credited with building the first true advertising agency in Chicago. When he first opened his agency, the advertising people in New York said he would be selling pencils and apples on the corner in no time. He went on to grow an amazing agency that did great work and didn't have its first layoff until the late 80's or early 90's.

      This is a link to his retirement speech. I try to listen to it once a month to remind me why I do what I do and what it means to lead with courage. Copy and paste this link:

      I love to know what you think.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Yes, Leo Burnett was a giant in advertising, Ford was a giant in the auto industry.
          History is filled with GIANTS in every industry and sport.
          Do you watch the History Channel??
          Is Pete Rose a Giant in Baseball??
          Every Business owner gets the chance to do it "his way".
          If the business owner does it "his way" and succeeds, history or his peers
          will consider him a giant.

          You are a freelance copywriter. Have you written a book or been published??
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Not all giants inspire. History is filled with giants that the mere mention of will send this forum into a frenzy. You can have a major impact on an industry and be the most reviled and dislike or hated figure there is. There are plenty of business leaders who have succeeded that are well known but not well liked.

              This speech is brilliant because it did more than talk about the agency and how great it is, it challenged a group of people to stay true to what they had built, and he had lead. It moves people in and outside the industry. Are there thousands of speeches like this floating around? I don't think so.

              No, I haven't written a book. Not every writer wants to write a book or at least I don't. Not now.

              Have I been published? I stumble here - the hundreds of ads and tv and radio spots have been seen by millions - but no, I'm not published.

              Does that mean I am not a "real" writer? I think not. I love creating advertising. I'm not doing this until I get my big break. I'm doing this because I love it.



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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Iwrite, Please, I was NOT puting you down. Just looking for background info.
                  I think there is a book in everybody, just like Steve Hartman says that everybody has a story.
                  (usually the last story on Friday night CBS World news)
                  Everybody who works should do it for LOVE (a pay check helps)
                  Keep doing your writing and let us know if and when the book is published.
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                      Iwrite Pioneer

                      I apologize for snapping.

                      I concede I may be a little touchy on this subject. I'm at that point where I am having to step back and let others do the creative work while I work on building my agency. I'm struggling to find that balance.

                      The other thing is I see way too many folks working in advertising that are phoning it in - they are either trying to write the next great novel or a blockbuster movie or a chart topping song or something other than advertising, and it shows in their work. This is not their passion, it is just a paycheck. I had a young one tell me that he didn't believe in advertising, that he only does it because of the money. I told him there are plenty of other ways to make money.

                      I think I will start teaching before I write a book. There is a real need for teachers. A friend has been trying to convince me to abandon opening an agency, and going the consultant route. He thinks I could do workshops and seminars and really help. I think, after I do this agency thing for a while, I may do that. There is something about creating that just can't be explained.