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    How has macro-economic risk factors affected your business?

    jimmymac Newbie

      Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are highly susceptible
      to the larger macro-economic events that are grabbing all the headlines in
      current news stories.


      Credit availability and the cost of capital, cash flow and liquidity
      issues, labor markets, real estate, foreign exchange, equity market volatility and
      supply chain stability are potential extreme risk factors that threaten the
      financial health of SMB’s.


      To celebrate the introduction of our new e-commerce site, Sum2
      is offering a free tool to help SMB’s assess, manage and profit from these
      macro-risk factors.


      The Profit|Optimizer Macro-Economic Risk Assessment Test is
      available by visiting this page:



      Users must have MS Excel.


      We wish all continued success.


      Sum2, LLC
      assessing risk|realizing opportunities

        • Re: How has macro-economic risk factors affected your business?
          LUCKIEST Guide
          How has macro-economic risk factors affected your business

          The whole decline of the Nasdaq and the Dow basically were driven by
          macroeconomic events,
          interest rates basically going up. We had
          election uncertainties. We had an oil price shock,
          all these
          macroeconomic events right now. The peso crisis in Argentina. Yen
          falling in Japan.
          These things which you report every day, actually
          filtered down and affect each and every
          one of us in the stock market,
          in the homes we buy, in the interest rates we pay.

          I will try your Profit Optimizer Macro-Economic Risk Assessment Test.
          Thank you, LUCKIEST