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    My 1st Tradeshow for my invention - Any Suggestions ?

    Jatieann Newbie
      Hi All -

      RE: - The only "Wristlet" that converts to a Wrist Wallet.


      In a few weeks, I will participate in my 1st tradeshow for my invention, a product called the RisWallet,

      Questions - Does anyone have any advice on:
      * Presention
      * Engaging by standard to show them my product
      * Demonstration of the product
      * Closing sales

      Thanks! Jill
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site and good luck with your Trade Show.
          Trade Shows Are Effective.
          • Advice.*
          Set up a GREAT table, Have enough Staff to talk to everybody.
          Wear comfortable shoes, Always stand.
          Have a sign in book, Collect business cards (great follow ups)
          and have something FREE like Candy, Water, Paper bags with your company name, etc.

          Long ago in my prior life I was an Accountant.
          One of my clients rented out a convention center and did a annual trade show for a specific industry.
          I had a booth at the trade show and since I was the only accountant there, I picked up a large number
          of small businesses. Mostly year end tax returns, BUT small businesses grow.
          Overall it was a good experience. Met interesting people and picked up business.

          If you want more info, you can contact me at " "
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            designer Tracker

            Hello & Good Luck to you! Please be careful that nobody steals your idea. Talk to someone knowledeable about patent protection and copyright.
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              jimmymac Newbie

              I have done many many trade shows during the course of over 20 years of sales and marketing.

              Trade shows have changed somewhat over the years. It seems that there is more of an emphasis on showmanship then salesmanship. (Pardon the male reference) The bigger companies with large marketing budgets create lots of noise and flamboyance with less emphasis on engaging prospects on a one to one basis.

              Another aspect of trade shows that drives me crazy is the ambivalence of many of the exhibitors.

              Its becoming way to common for the people working the booths are more occupied with talking amongst themselves then in engaging the prospects that were attending the trade show. At times I felt that I was imposing on a private conversation that booth workers were carrying on between themselves. The sales acumen was exceedingly poor.

              You exhibit at trade shows for numerous reasons and objectives. If one is to find potential customers you must actively engage everyone who passes your booth. Adopt the strategy "No Pasaran" They shall not pass. You'll find some buyers.

              Ask people who are walking past your booth if they are looking for the item that you are selling. It gives you the opportunity to explain who you are and what you have.

              I wish you the best.

              Good luck and good selling.

              Sum2, LLC
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                There are a lot of similar products already:



                So I think the most important factor for you is to distinguish yourself from the existing "competition" -- I'm afraid most retail buyers would lump your product in with those above, and therefore not recognize you as the "first" or "only" with this idea. Consequently, the concept alone won't "wow" them -- you need to be ready to highlight and emphasize the specific reasons why your target market would ignore all those and buy yours. For example, the most popular existing products are purchased by many skiers, bikers, and runners -- yet yours seems to be more "fashionable," so perhaps there is an untapped market segment that you can tie your product to in a retail buyer's mind.

                If you can afford it, a nice trade show trick is to hire models (or get friends) to walk around the show wearing and using your product, or even to have them visit nearby hotel lobbies or bars during the evening before the show so potential buyers can subconsciously "see the product in action" before you ever formally show it or pitch it to them.

                Be ready to answer questions about your production, supply, and delivery capabilities. A lot of first-timers dream about getting an order for 60,000 units, but haven't really thought through the upfront costs and overall logistics of filling an order that large -- so they stumble when those questions come up, and they end up losing the sale. In other words, know your business, and be straightforward about what you realistically can and can't deliver if you get an interested retail buyer or wholesale merchandiser.

                Hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes!
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  Jill, I do many trade shows each year and I agree with the above person who stated that you do not let one person go by without asking them about thier business to see if they would fit into your customer base.

                  Also, I have noticed that the booths with free stuff get more people than those without. However, the majority of those are there for the free stuff. I do not use any freebies as I have found that I spend time with unqualified leads hanging around to justify their getting free stuff. I spend my time seeking out the qualified lead. If they are interested, free stuff doesn't matter. They want something that they can make a profit from.

                  With your display, I would make some sort of big sample of your idea. This way people see it right away. Make sure that your pictures show only the item and nothing to draw the attention away.