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    i need clarification please

    baj012 Newbie

      to those of you that tried to answere my previous question and those that read my first question, as well as people who haven't read the first one.........

      i am starting a laundry business in san antonio, texas. i am fairly new to this site and the business. i am making a business plan and i have an appointment with one of my investors to view my plan. before starting it, i set a deadline for myself and unfortunately did not make it. my plan is almost complete but i need a little help. Someone has told me about SCORE. I have checked out the website (not fully though) and still don't understand it completely. i need rough estimates if that is possible. for a laundry service, about how much would a utility bill be? is there any site that would inform me? is 2000 dollars a good budget for advertisement( each month)? about how much would you say should go into the emergency fund? should it be more than 2275 (this amount will of course be put into the account each month)

      please please do not give me answers like,"i can't believe you asked that question" or "you should already know this information" and "your issues are not our problem"

      i am asking my questions, because i don't know and i am not trying to tell my life story.

      thank you for all your "help" and your time


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          Iwrite Pioneer

          $2000 for advertising sounds like a nice figure but I think you would be better served thinking about a yearly budget.

          Here's why: because you are launching a new business you may need to advertise heavily in the beginning (signage, flyers and the like). But once the business is flowing you may be able to tamper off your advertising to a lighter schedule. A yearly budget would allow you the flexibility to adapt your efforts to match your needs or situation.

          I think you could budget $24,000 for the year and perhaps have an additional $5,000 as a contingency. You never know what may happen. I would start with the $24,000 and see how things go.

          I hope this helps with the advertising. As for the electricity, try contacting your local energy company and asking if they can provide you with an average for a business like yours in and around your area.

          That's all I've got. Good luck.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            As you no doubt know, laundries utilize equipment that consumes a lot of energy. It's really impossible to estimate how much energy without knowing the size of the facility, hours of operation, the types of equipment you'll have, and how many of each machine ther will be. The ages, types, and capacities of the water heaters or boilers are another huge factor, along with whether you have to install and run equipment to soften or pre-treat water before it is used, and/or to hold and post-treat waste water after it's used and before it drains into public sewers. If you can provide some of those specifics, we might be able to get you in the ballpark on energy costs. Another option might be to find a comparable laundry facility in the same city and either ask the owner/manager or the utility companies for a estimate. Best wishes.
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              baj012 Newbie
              thank you to all that aswered. i finish my plan- some of your advice was very helpgul,and some not so much. one again thank you so much!