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    What to look for in a professional background screening co.

    SandyPI Wayfarer

      What DO you look for when selecting a background screening firm to meet your hiring requirements? A employer should seek a professional partner, not just an information vendor selling information at the lowest price. He should apply the same criteria that he would use in selecting other providers of critical professional services. The following is a guide line for you to use:

      1. Provides "Full service" background screening that includes:
      Verification of identity, e.g. social security number, etc.
      Criminal and Civil records
      County, State, and Federal records.
      Driving records (where DPPA compliant) and professional license
      Previous employment, resume and education verification
      Credit history as applicable

      2. Certifies that all information sent to clients is compliance with all applicable Federal, state, local EEO, consumer reporting and other
      appropriate laws.
      3. Certifies that the staff has had background checks conducted.
      4. Is able to get results to the investigation back to the client in a timely manner to meet the client's needs.
      5. Has procedures in place to destroy information to protect both the client and applicant.
      6. Is willing to work with your Human Resource Department.
      7. Has the ability to collect information from court houses.
      8. Has procedures that shield the client from acquiring "protected information"
      9. Has a price set for you to review.
      10. Is willing to provide you with legally compliant release forms.

      A licensed private investigation agency that specializes in background screening is, in my opinion the best place find a company that will meet the above criteria. I hope this list will be of use to you when outsourcing your pre-employment background screening.

      Sandy Glover
      Licensed Private Investigator C2500973, FL
      President Gold Shield Legal Investigations, Inc. A2500354, Fl.