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    Need advice and fast!

    baj012 Newbie

      Let me start by saying that I am new to this site and trying to start my own business.
      When starting,about how much would I pay for insuance(the company is an LLC)?
      About how much would an average utility bill be? ( starting a laundry service)
      Should my advertisement budget be larger than $2000/month?

      Anything else that I should know about, please let me know thank you so much.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          012, Welcome to this web site. Need advice and fast.
          How soon do you plan on starting your laundry service??.
          Hope you develop a Business and Marketing Plan.
          Where are you located (like City and State)??
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              baj012 Newbie

              I need this advice fast, because one of my investors will be revieing my business plan in a few days. I did not anticipate my plan taking this long to complete and had already made the appointment with my investor before hand( I gave myslef a deadline and unfortunately did not make it)


              I am located in San Antonio, Texas.


              What is SCORE?


              Thank you for the help so far
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  SCORE help people in business FREE.
                  SCORE is online or my appointment all over the U S.
                  We Counsel people in business with advice (FREE). No money.
                  Suggestion: Go to Members page and add A few words about your business.
                  Again, LUCKIEST
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                ScottJ Wayfarer

                I'm not sure what SCORE exactly represents for but It's a group of retired executives, that offer their times to business for free. A fre things that you will need that so many companies forget. I would look into a bookeeper that can help with start-up's, So often companies wory about their bookeeping later, BIG mistake. If you don't know what your exepenses are how can you know if your making any profit? I would also look into technology, to help with the bookeeping, but also wiill help market, and promote your business. I would be happy to further recomendations. Please contact me.
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                  nMoncrief Adventurer
                  You haven't given enough information about your business to get any reliable answers from this forum. Your utility bills and ad budget will vary based on where you're located. Your insurance cost depends on how much and what type of coverage you need. The 3 expenses you mentioned are just a drop in the overall bucket. I suggest you ask friends (or even strangers) who own businesses in your area about their costs. That would be more accurate than any of our guesses.

                  I wish you all the best with your laundry service! If you ever decide to offer your clients the option of paying by credit cards, give me a call or visit for an instant and anonymous rate quote.

                  Neil Moncrief
                  Creek Financial Services