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    New Information for CRM customers

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      If you have the standard issues with CRM, cost, ease of use, functionality integration problems, mobility issues, reporting functions and the list goes on. Please contact me with any questions...happy to share the latest and greatest on CRM technologies for your business and see if we can improve what you have..
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Information for CRM customers \\ + While on vacation more than 2,000 miles away from home, \\ Mrs. Jones walks into a branch of a bank that is affiliated with her \\ community bank that she uses at home. The teller greets her by name, \\ receiving this information from the facial recognition system located \\ at the door. The system identifies Mrs. Jones and automatically \\ displays information about her accounts, recent financial transactions \\ and purchases while on vacation, as well as personal information such \\ as the names of the other members of her household and her love for \\ snorkeling and fine wines. The teller assists Mrs. Jones in acquiring \\ some travelers' checks (which she receives free of charge because she \\ is a gold customer at her home bank). The teller then offers Mrs. Jones \\ information on the local snorkeling hot spots and learns that Mrs. \\ Jones is considering purchasing new gear on this trip. The teller then \\ offers to extend Mrs. Jones' credit so that she may utilize her bank \\ credit card for her vacation and equipment expenses. Pretty impressive, \\ especially when one considers that the teller is a computer system!+

          incredible? The fact is that everything in the above scenario is within
          reach today. All of the technology currently exists, and some small and
          mid-sized institutions are already beginning to implement parts of it.
          Better customer service and more productive cross-selling, all at lower
          costs and higher profits – this is the promise of customer relationship
          management (CRM).


          Good luck, LUCKIEST