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    Sales Outsourcing

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      Driving the Top Line

      Your time is valuable; you do not need a large quantity of suspects but rather, a good amount of quality prospects. When supplied with a large list of names and numbers, most salespeople feel overwhelmed at the amount of cold calling required to identify a qualified lead. Your top sales producers should not waste time weeding out the unqualified leads. They are losing money because they are not spending time in front of qualified prospects who have the ability to make purchasing decisions. Let's face it, cold calling is a vital part of the sales process, but to do it effectively, it needs to be ongoing. You need Amplius to remove this time-consuming step and become an extension of your sales staff. With our experience in business to business sales, we make the transition from suspect to prospect, seamless. With a steady flow of highly qualified, proactive, industry exclusive leads, your top producers can do what they do best, CLOSE!!


      Our Services

      · Lead Generation Programs

      · Direct Marketing Campaigns

      · Lead Management Programs

      · Inbound Call Response

      · Pay per Click Advertising Follow-up

      · Direct Mail Follow up

      · Website Information Request Follow-up

      · CRM Consulting

      · Custom Lists

      · Sales Outsourcing

      · Sales Recruiting and Staff Augmentation


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      What we have found is the best way for us to initially show the quality, service and value that we represent is to produce for you! We will identify prospects targeted to your business needs and qualify them based on your own criteria. We only present to you highly qualified, proactive sales leads that have indicated they have a need for your product or service and would be willing to talk to someone from your company. FREE of charge!
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      Our Process


      · Deliver your value proposition

      Gather Information

      · What is their interest level?

      · What do they currently buy?

      · How do they buy?

      · Who do they buy from?

      · What do they spend?

      · When will they buy?

      · Why are they looking?

      Find Pain

      · How happy are they with current vendor?

      · What would they change?

      · What problems are incurred by doing nothing at all?

      · How much is it costing them to delay purchase?


      · Agreement to move forward into the sales cycle with a definite action item.