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    2 Companies-Little money,little time-Can I get loan/Credit?

    mmosmart Newbie

      Read some forums post, and i thought this would be a good place to post some of
      my thoughts.

      First off -- Yes, probably should not spread myself so then. I have
      a good reasoning for such though :)

      I have horrible Credit. I partied to much in College and then my
      college start up went under, I had truoble paying for school let alone my
      credit cards..and the house of cards blew over...

      Jump ahead a bit and now I have three "start ups". I'm
      wondering what steps you would recommend for getting Fudning, SBA laons? Credit
      Cards? Line of Credit?

      Company 1:

      Consulting - Marketing -Distribution -Outsourcing Customer Service

      -- Started 11 years
      ago as a Sole Proprietorship . In 2003
      ebay took a stand on the selling of virtual goods and my business fell through.
      (As mentioned about) Since 2006 as a
      consultant I I have successfully founded two multi-million dollar Game
      Publishers in the U.S.

      I now make 12,000 a month and have recently changed into an
      LLC. I have a smashing business plan and have the ability to easily quadruple
      my monthly income..If only I had more help, as it stand snow I must turn down
      business. I need money to pay some

      Any Suggestions for acquiring funding?

      Company 2

      Online Game Publishing

      My company is 4 months old and worth 3 Million Dollars (
      debt is close to 2 million and users total is close to 1 million [formula 1
      user = $10 ] )

      The problem I have here is that, that the company is 4
      months old and pre revenue. I license
      software and do not own it for collateral.
      I however do own my web portal and user base.

      Any Suggestions for acquiring funding?