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    Do you know what The Long Tail is?

    introdor Wayfarer

      Where I come from a "long tail" is what we call a R.A.T. Why? Because it's believed to be bad luck to say that word so we say "long tail" instead. However that has nothing to do with this, sorry!

      I bought a book on Saturday called The Long Tail by a guy called Chris Anderson. Chances are, people in this sort of forum could probably have already heard of it or indeed already read it. However, if you haven't I am going to recommend you find a copy and do read it.

      Even though I've only just bought it, I'm already over half way through and yesterday was Easter Sunday!

      So what is it about? Well, here's what is says on the back over, sums it up nicely really:

      "The Long Tail, a powerful new economic force in a world where the internet allows almost unlimited choice, Chris Anderson has identified an important truth about our economy and culture. The future does not lie in hits - the high volume end of a traditional demand curve - but what used to be regarded as misses - the curve's endlessly long tail.

      He examines how niche interests, which make up the millions of misses, have come together in a global network, stimulating innovation on an unprecedented scale. The result, he argues, is a cutural richness in which enthusiams previously dismissed as "minority" thrive and everybody everywhere can find something to their taste."

      So what does this mean for people like me who want to get into the internet and make some money? Well, that there are umlimited niches out there which previously have been ignored because they had no market but now with a medium like the internet, all these obsure niches are in themselves a profitable business and when you add them up, they are huge business!

      Anyway, I am finding the book fascinating and just wanted to let other people know about it. And if I were you, I'd get onto Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local bookstore or whatever and find a copy. Very very interesting! Hope you enjoy it too!


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          introdor Wayfarer

          Just wanted to quickly follow up on my original post. I actually posted this in another forum too and the administrator told me to check out another site. It was called Have just been to the site and it looks excellent. It appears to put into practice exactly what The Long Tail book is all about.

          So, anyone out there that is interested I suggest you do what I did, go to and take a look and definitely watch the videos on the page. They even refer to the book and the author there!

          Hope that helps!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Do you know what The Long Tail is
            The Long Tail
            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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            The phrase The Long Tail was first coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 +<a href="" title="Wired <br /> to describe the niche strategy of certain business such as <a href="" title=""> or Netflix.
            The distribution and inventory costs of those business allow them to
            realize significant profit out of s


            The Long Tail concept has found a broad ground for application,
            research and experimentation.
            It is a common term in the on-line
            business and mass media, but also of importance in micro-finance
            , market mechanisms, economic models and marketing .
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              Biz Online Adventurer
              This book has been part of my library for a while!

              By employing log file analysis and identifying actual searches, not only can you write about these targeted terms, but you can also mix these terms for a new page for your website... targeting two new keyword phrases and dominating the results.

              The bonus here is extending the keywords also into a pay per click campaign. For instance, let's take a hypothetical case, based on real results that I've done for one of my clients that's not a dentist... Let's say I have a client that is a dentist. By examining long tail (or multiple keyword phrases) from log files (or using Hittail :) ), we find people don't always look for "dentist dallas texas" but will look for "dentist in dallas 75230", using the word "in" and the zip code.

              After inserting the keyword "dentist in dallas 75230" into our ppc campaign, our lowest cost clicks and better conversions came from this. There were very few searches over a 1 month period, but when it was clicked, our conversion rate (people who filled out a contact form or called the office) was 4 times that of our regular ppc keywords.

              In addition, we incorporated a new page into the website to include these keywords with additional zip codes. Voila! Free traffic and a top 3 ranking on Google and Y!.

              Please keep in mind my example above is hypothetical, although the results are real for one of my clients that does a professional service. :)

              Hittail works, enough said!
              Cliff Koraska
              Koraska Interactive