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    Who do you recommend to design a website?

    RongDesign Adventurer
      One of the biggest sources of business for any business in network generated leads (customers brought in by friends of other customers). My question to all of you in the technical field, is who do you know as "a good website company"? Do you have a friend who does it in his spare time; do you recommend the people who did your website; does any one give you referrals (or commission) in exchange for return referrals?

      Thanks in advance guys!


      Thank you,


      Dave Moore @



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          Biz Online Adventurer
          Hi Dave,
          I use two web design companies, all geared towards what size / target customer / and ecommerce applications are required. A good, better, best approach, were the amount of time and required design/graphics are important.

          For local small businesses targeting just the local area, I use a small design shop that has 3 employees. Great HTML code work that also validates, and I get the graphics done by a professional.

          For state or regionally targeted businesses, and depending upon the size the company ($5 to $10, or $11 to $20 million +), I'll use a website development company that is one of the best in my market. We have a reciprocal agreement where they send my their pay per click advertising and search engine optimization clients, and I send them my larger website / ecommerce clients. This works well for both of us.

          As for friends and family sites, I'll do those myself, although I'm not a designer. For instance, I didn't do my own site design, because, like a doctor, I can't operate on myself!

          Hope that helps!
          Cliff Koraska
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            TonyIOD Wayfarer
            The best way to get the best price and the best people is to post your request on the Dynamic Outsourcing System and let people from all over the world bid on doing your website. Providers (people or companies who do the work) are rated on their work on a scale of 1 - 10 for each project/work task they perform. By default a rating of 5 or higher is required to bid on work. You can change that to be any value between 1 - 10 using QUEUE PREFERENCES.

            Register as a Requester and give it a try.


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              intechspecial Ranger
              Other then my own company, I would have to reccommend Rong Design.
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                  RongDesign Adventurer
                  Well thanks for the good word intechspecial! I would have to the same in return.
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                      UpClick Newbie
                      This is a regular love fest.
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                          INTELLI Wayfarer
                          I would recommend you to contact Intelli World Tech group. They are specialized in

                          web design and development, enhanced web services, automation, customized software's, back end database development (SQL 2005, Oracle) using the latest technology either by using Microsoft, Java Or PHP, our technical people are optimized and trained with it and available locally or outsourced based on your requirements. For additional details please visit us at


                          We are currently working with a few clients to do their websites, integration with our proprietary software and other services. We are also linked with our sister company in India that supports some of our clients to achieve their objectives including providing a full time web developers, database administrators and network management.


                          Our prime goal is customer satisfaction and we go to extreme lengths to get this accomplished. Also, we use our proprietary software "Notebook" to give the clients a real time view of the projects in progress and their deadlines. Together with the technological know-how combined with the proprietary software and some brilliant minds at work gives us an edge over our competitors in terms of fixed budget projects.


                          For further information, please contact Jessica at
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                      Biz Online Adventurer
                      I have reported spamfork 's comment as link spam. It appears the link is an affiliate link.
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                          Ansewa Newbie
                          Hi all - I'm new to this forum, but this topic is of keen interest to me, too. I am very interested in setting up a website for my business since many of my potential clients are 'tech savvy' and will research online for this particular product LONG before they 'let their fingers do the walking'.

                          I am, however, a little bit burnt (twice bitten, thrice shy) with this issue, so I definitely can use some quality advice and recommendations. I've tried twice in two (2) years to contract with supposedly 'excellent and reputable' website design companies and both times got stuck with nothing but heartache and a thinner wallet.

                          I don't particularly need a 'spectacular' website, but I do need one that is specific to our potential clientele and I'm overall (I think) pretty flexible on how the whole thing should appear and function, but I must be either asking for something that's more 'out there' than I thought or maybe I've just been extremely unlucky on this issue. I could certainly use some quality help and advice.

                          Thanks in advance,
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                              iMicrobrand Adventurer
                              This is a tricky one. Coming from the Design industry, mainly web integrated work - I will try to give two sides of advice.

                              First let me start by sytaing that the "mystery" is really gone from web design. And anyone here on this post that is practicing web design can vouch for the fact that deep down inside when you build a site for a client you know that what you are building may be historic in only a matter of months. Or maybe I am speaking for myself when I say that, BUT think about it... Web 2.0 has opened the doors for business leaders to really scale their web experinces and deliver data via the web in a more interactive format now, more than ever before. Am I saying that businessesdont need a website? Nope. BUT I am saying that the days of a "robust" solution is gone. As a former web designer I spend more time deprogramming my clients on these truths then building or designing new websites. Web Designers should be transitioning to more consultive/strategic positions vs selling websites... This is of course opinion BUT let's look at this...

                              Say XYZ Company needs a Website? Say XYZ Company really wants to communicate it's products and services to the world... How do we manage the content? CMS? How relevant is the data on the site? "About Us", "Contact Us"? What part does the site vistor play into the content and experience of the site? None perhaps? How personal is that..?

                              Websites are quickly transformimng into web applications, and there is literally no way for a business leader to compete without becoming involved with his/her web pressence. The old proposition was... Hire a design company, talk about the design and the content, set up the structure, drop in a few web forms for contact purposes, a bit of SEO, and 6 months later "Extinct". The new proposition looks a bit like this... Talk about brand and message, organize content and discover niche data, layout the web applications map (what your using, MySpace, YouTube, Jaiku...blah blah blah), set up content delivery schedules and feedback schedules (1 time a day? 2 times?) - I could go on... BUT I think we see the shift in thinking... Websites = Extinct. Web Activty = Distinct & Relevant (not to mention fresh).

                              Now, am I saying do not get a Website? Nah - not at all... BUT I am saying you can reduce your cash outlay for a site by building the straight forward who, what, where, why deal, with ties to your online activity...

                              So my answer to teh original question... Who do you recommend to design a website? LOL!! Definitely not a web design company! Not anymore, UNLESS they have shifted their mindset to a Web 2.0 (web friendly) mindset. My clients look for coaching, not so much building, they are looking for information organizers more than anything... Application Consultants, YouTube content developers, and optimizers, MySpace Designers, Mind Mappers...

                              Welcome to the future...
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                            LariosVox Wayfarer
                            Dave it sounds like you dont have much time to spend to design a website, and you seek to find a good deal thats proffesional and comfortable within budget. If it helps you can take big part in designing your own website and ofcourse make changes and stay fresh to how your site looks and project your business. I personally use a couple sources, however it does require your attention to launch and getting the feel of website temples. For domain registration i use and for my content linked to my domain I use my Verizon webspace by Trellix templetes... Very user friendly and simple within business budget. </stro<br />hope this helps or gives more ideas for the site., much success in all you do Dave*
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                              ibranz Wayfarer
                              I recommend Mike Webster of OC Webs - he's a real pro
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                                UpClick Newbie
                                Rong Design, are you doing market research by your question? You mention on your web design site that you're a "unique web design company because we do not charge by the hour." That's hardly unique. Most web design companies will charge you a flat fee for web design.



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                                  designer Tracker
                                  Don't use a friend. (Unless they give you a good discount). There's certain expectations you'd have of them...afterwards when everything is up and running. If they don't buy the product you're selling (after they designed the whole website for you) it may lead to resentment and you will feel like they didn't "believe" in you afterwards.
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                                    artdriver Wayfarer
                                    Hi Dave.

                                    If you are willing to outsource web site development, I recommend to post your project on to find very professional and affordable ($5/hour to start) freelancers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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                                      PaintballingC Newbie
                                      I would like to recommend Graphic Intrigue, located in Las Vegas, NV. Mark (Website Designer) helped me on my website. Check it out at
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                                        joshuawilson Scout



                                        I believe there are many good companies which can help you with designing of websites. You can search in Google. I am sure you can get help from Google. You can visit This company has some trained professionals and they excel in website designing.

                                        This company can be of some help to you.