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    BRANDING can Accounting 101 be exciting???

    MYOB08 Adventurer
      I have a business that I am looking to grow in terms of branding & would be happy for your input.

      I have several people working with me who are mums, qualified accountants, and have a teacher or trainer background.

      I would love some input from some fantastic advertisiers or marketeers out there

      What I want to do is visit businesses, and provide trainig session in understanding their financial statements and their financial position.

      E.g. small business is growing, but Mr Web Designer does not understand the accounts. He has an accountant. He has a bookkeeper, but he does not look at his financial documents. He does not use them. He does not understand how to use him.

      I want to go in and empower him, with small bite size pieces of management accountancy information that he can actually use and understand. I want him to know what his KPI is. I want him to be able to pick up a profit & loss statement and look at more than the final figure down the bottom.

      We are doing this, but it is more by accident than design.

      How can I promote this? What words can I use to attract a proud business person, to hire us to provide training of this sort?

      How can I make it posititive and interesting, rather than lumped with that boring grey accounting umbrella that we normally get lumped with.

      Accounting for Non-Accountants
      Accounting 101
      Ms Accounting
      Ms Money
      Ms MoneyPenny


      What would attract you to use this service?

      Would you be prepared to sign up for 5 on-site 2 hour sessions?

      Don't worry I am not going to chase you down - just want to know your ideas on this???
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Can Accounting be exciting??
          YES it can. Bet the farm on Accounting can be exciting.
          Read my autobio in all book stores. I was an Accountant BC (before computers).
          Now with Quickbooks, Accounting is exciting
          Changing the subject, Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE.
          SCORE also has a Virtual Learning Center at " "
          where you can take 26 on line EXCITING courses FREE.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            You indicated that you want to provide a business owner with "management accountancy information." My belief is that you need to persuasively "sell" this concept to your potential clients in stages.

            You first have to persuade the owner that his lack of knowledge about financial statements is a real problem. Next you have to persuade him that it's in his best interest to solve that problem. Third you have to persuade him that hiring you (or taking your course) is the best option (or the cheapest option, fastest option, only option, etc. -- whatever your competitive position is) for facilitating that solution. Fourth, you have to persuade him that the solution you can provide will deliver more benefit than it costs. Fifth, once he is convinced of all that, you have to persuade him to act -- because when funds are tight (and they always are for a small business) it's hard for the owner to give a high priority to solving a problem he didn't even know he had, especially when there are nagging problems he already understands that demand attention. So a good "close" on your part involves linking your solution to the solution of those other nagging problems (which you should be able to do).

            It may take awhile to get through all these stages with some clients, but you have to cover each step and move at the pace they set. You can't jump ahead and try to push them into committing time or money to solve a problem that doesn't matter that much to them (yet).

            Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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              One of the keys to selling this is to be enthusiastic about accounting yourself - which clearly you are! I think telling your existing clients of this service would be the cheapest, easiest and best returning marketing you could do. Enthusiasm is catchy - even if it is about accounting :)
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                work4home Newbie
                From what I understand about accounting, numbers are your true friends basically because "numbers don't lie" and "follow the rules" every time. Yes, some people can manipulate them to meet some ulterior motive, but the numbers eventually "catch them in the act" to put it bluntly.

                Here's an example of numbers serving as teachers: The rule of 72. You probably know how it works. Take the number "72", divide by the interest rate, and the result will show how many years it takes for someone's money to double through compounding interest.

                72 / 1 = 72 years; 72 / 2 = 36 years; 72 / 3 = 24 years; 72 / 4 = 18 years; 72 / 5 = 14.4 years and so forth.

                Make it interesting, and remember, "Those who understand interest earn it; those who don't are doomed to pay it." The same principle applies to finances as it does to building interest in one's own company.

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                  FruitionDZ9 Newbie
                  The reality is, you will need to go after a very specific target market that really WANTS to understand their financial documents. In my experience, many small business owners just want someone else to take care of it for them. If they've hired a bookkeeper and a CPA, many small biz owners don't see the NEED to know about these things until it's almost too late.

                  So educating them first on WHY they need to know these things is your first hurdle. Touch into their "pain" of not growing their business as big as it could be because they don't see the money leaks. Something like that...

                  Mind you, I'm in the creative design industry so many of my colleagues are of this particular target market where accounting and bookkeeping, P&L's etc... are a necessary evil. They don't see the benefit of understanding and embracing the numbers. They hire other people to do that for them...

                  But it can be exciting if you create a "fun" brand around it. Perhaps you have a website where they pay a subscription fee and have access to monthly teleclasses, videos and how-to articles on how to enjoy and embrace the numbers. Maybe create a "game" where they earn points towards a prize by taking a little teleclass and answering the questions on a virtual "test."

                  Point is, have fun with it. Make it fun and people will embrace it.

                  Tammi - Fruition