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    Introduction - New to this forum

    ezprint Wayfarer


      Hi, I'm new to this forum - found it on Google and signed up. I'm a webdev / programmer and SEO for

      I like to help people with their business, ideas, promotion, and programming and tips and tricks.
      What I do is become your online free help guy - in exchange for your eventual trust and use of for all your printing.

      I'm willing to help any people here with any problems or issues they might have , so long as they dont try to span, scheme, etc.

      My goal is to become an asset to your business over time - through my free help on everything from website design, custom programs, any computer or 'How do i do this?' questions. - To - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Getting high search engine placement. SERPS.

      I can help your business in many ways that will save you time and money.
      Later down the road when you see that I'm what I'm saying here, all i would ask for in return of any free programs, help, etc ..would be for your business to give a try.

      I also know 3 program languages, which I can help you to make custom ideas and programs.


      Looking forward to a long alliance with this forum.